It’s time for breakfast!!!! …… confused? Why am I asking you to have breakfast, this is not what I am saying but this has become a marketing strategy for most of the chain restaurants such as subway, McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks to attract more customers in the morning offering low price breakfast deals.

Traditionally these restaurants offer lunch deals and there was not much focus on breakfast so consequently resulted in less number of customers in the morning. And there was lot of scope for business in the morning by attracting customers who were traditionally going to nearby café to have breakfast. These restaurants wanted to attract more customers in the morning but their menu did not allow them to do so. As most of the lunch deals were quite heavy on stuff as well as in price these restaurants introduced Menu which is low on price but they made sure that these items are not heavily loaded and good enough for breakfast.


How did it help customers to visit in the morning?

These breakfast deals are offered only till 11:00 am in the morning so, customers who want to have some breakfast at low price rushed to these restaurants.

Let us just evaluate how this strategy helped the restaurants in the following metrics.

Financial Metrics:

Return on Investment: As introduced breakfast menu was not heavier  in stuff but healthier, it attracted more and more new customers and the investment was just running the restaurant in the morning, it grabbed good return on investment due to increased volume of sales and of course resulted in good amount of profits.

As most of the customers were labourers, employees it created good customer value because this strategy provided quick service and low price deals which these customers were looking for and such customers are long lasting.

Behavioural Metrics:

This strategy to penetrate into the market and add new customer base to its kit had increased number of sales to these restaurants. These restaurants made sure that they offer other traditional deals as well during the breakfast time so the customers have wide range of deals to choose.

Memory Metrics:

This strategy had in fact improved the brand image of the restaurants as the customers built an association with the restaurants by preferring to go same restaurant all times in a day as they had different menu in morning and late in the day.

It is from my experience that I was recommended by my friend to visit Hungry Jacks by sharing the offer of $2 pan cake in the morning, this made me increase my visits to hungry jacks.

Physical Availability Metrics:

The fact that breakfast menu is offered only for limited time in a day i.e., till 11:00 am had dragged more customers in the morning than usual making the restaurant busy all the time. Whereas McDonald’s offer breakfast menu all the day. This strategy also dragged more customers to McDonald’s door step. Such Strategies triggered some of the restaurants to be open for 24*7.

Marketing Activity Metrics:

Restaurants have not limited themselves to the menu what they first introduced infact they evolved the menu from time to time upon customer preferences such as offering brekky wraps, brekky burgers etc.

Customer Profile Metrics:

Breakfast menu covered all the genders and most sections of the society such as labourers, employees who were on their job, students who were on their way to school and old age people who comes out for a morning walk and had a cup of coffee and breakfast. So, this innovative strategy had in fact increased their customer base and added to their revenues.



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Authored By:

Mohammed Liyaqath Ali

Student ID: 215411643

username: liyaqath09


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