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Founded in 1937, Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese company that e design, manufacture, assembly, and sale of passenger cars, minivans, commercial vehicles, and related parts and accessories primarily in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia.  Toyota has a number of other automotive subsidiary companies like, Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino..

Since the beginnings of the company Toyota have always spent a fortune in market evaluation, it has always been the backbone of the company.

  Profit contribution

Is a type of financial metrics Shows the sales revenue after decreasing the cost of production and marketing which was $213 in the 2014 annual report of Toyota. This gives the company a fare ground for the compression the main business rival company for Toyota are automobile manufactures like Volkswagen, General Motors , Ford , Honda

Return on investment

the return on the investment is a crucial factor as the company have always tried to reduce the cost of marketing campaign as a result in the operating income of the company have increased, Factors that contributed to the increase in operating income included a ¥900.0 billion boost due to exchange-rate fluctuations as well as ¥290.0 billion contributed by cost reduction efforts, ¥180.0 billion by marketing efforts, and ¥81.2 billion by other factors

Screenshot (93)

customer life time value

Just as customers assess the value of their purchase, companies can assess customers in terms of their worth to the company (Iacobucci, n.d.) some customers are easy to acquire some customers are difficult to retain, the idea is to segment the customer who can maximise the profit for the company to, retain a customer who is valuable for the company the is an expansive process  to Toyota takes special care for their customers, improving product and work quality by listening to “Voice of the customer” is the fundamental concept behind Toyota’s activities(Toyota-global.com, 2016),  they provide customers service like 24/7 roadside assistance and one-stop shopping for kinds of services.

Behavioural metrics  

At the end of the day what matters the most is the sales figures for any company the revenue of the company will increases when the sales figures are high, looking at the sales figures around the world. There are numerous factors like product quality customer satisfaction and other reasons for the increased.

Screenshot (95)

When it comes to market share Toyota dominates all other automobile manufacturers in the world, Toyota Motor Corporation (TM) is the largest, with a global 11.8% market share in 2013. General Motors Company (GM) had an 11.5% global market share in 2013. The third largest, Volkswagen AG (VOW), had an 11.4% global market share in 2013. (Marketrealist.com, 2016)

Screenshot (97)

Memory metrics

Toyota is the world’s most valuable car brand once again (Jr., 2016), Toyota always top even in the case of brand awareness. Toyota is recognised as most valuable brand in the world and as a brand that is recognised globally. Becoming the most valuable brand in the world doesn’t come easy attitude to the customers, customer satisfaction and quality of the service provided plays an important role  building up a strong brand in the minds of the customers,

brand awearness rate in the world

brand awearness rate in the world

Physical availability metrics

To prosper in automobile industry the second mantra after good quality is the availability and after sales service, Toyota has always recognised this and has made sure that the customers have no problems in getting what they need Toyota reaches its customer through a huge number of dealerships all around the world in Australia alone Toyota has more than 200 dealers for sales and service

numer of dealerships in Australia

Number of dealerships in Australia

 Marketing activity metrics

Toyota conducts various marketing activates for promoting their vehicles to the customers which includes sponsoring and other promotional activities and the company will try to keep track of  the amount invested for the so that profitability could be calculated ,having the biggest R&D department dont come cheep  with each and every penny counts and Toyota tires to get the maximiam benifit out of each marketing activites


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