Telstra’s Free Data Sunday

Telstra should make Free Data Sunday as a tradition for its numerous service outages in 2016. According to Herald Sun (2016), Telstra customers again are affected by its fifth service outage on the 22nd of May, 2016. This not-surprisingly causes an online out-roar, that customers hopped on their Twitter to have a quick rant.

Despite of these recent service disruptions, this major telecommunication company has delivered exceptional receptions in comparison to its rivalry companies. Especially in providing customer service, Telstra dedicates to gather each customer’s opinions via its NPS (Net Promotion Surveys) every time customers visit a Telstra retail store or ring up the company’s hotline.

Marketing metric has received attentions over the years as a measuring instrument to identifying whether the company exceeds its objectives in six areas including financial, behavioural, memory, physical availability, marketing activity, and customer profile (Iacobucci, 2013).

Mintz and Currim (2013) mentioned that CEO and board management may only be interested with the financial metrics, which indicates the firm’s actual sales figures, and other marketing metrics and activities may not be as important to them. Millichovsky and Simberova (2015) argued that the vitality of other marketing metrics since they impact as significant in measuring the goals objectively. It was additionally emphasised that every transaction was initiated by customers would be recorded accordingly for marketing research purposes. By gathering data, the organisation is able to remaining competitive in the industry.

Telstra excels at collecting data through both internal and external systems as it combines the public opinion with a little twist in order to catering targeted audiences. As mentioned above, this company concentrates heavily on customer service experience, which the system generates surveys each interaction customers initiate. Through customer satisfactory ratings, it enables the firm to measure its intangible service quality, that is categorised under the memory metric. Also, the company ensures that there are stores available across Australia during business hours as well as on online platform for 24/7. This thus enhances the accessibility to purchase which can be monitored under the physical availability metric. In essence of analysing customer profile, Telstra utilises this metric to identifying whether the advertisement was published to the correct targets as the company provides more than just mobile services including Bigpond, Foxtel and Fixed lines. In doing so, the metric gives a clear scope what product is suitable for which group of customers.

If your Telstra service gets cut off next time, do not freak out. You at least now know that you’ll get FREE DATA on the next Sunday.

Fraser Kaorn Hour

Student ID: 212389574


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