Modelez India Ltd: Marketing Evaluation of India’s Largest Confectionary Brand

In today’s competitive scenario organizations big or small strive hard to sustain, survive and grow, creating a positive brand image via the means of successful marketing campaigns is what the focus of most organizations is (Wheeler 2014). However a question arises here that how do organizations find out whether the marketing initiatives have been successful or not? Via the means of successful marketing evaluation metrics organizations can find out the exact impact of marketing initiatives carried out by them, these include return on investment metrics, metrics on consumer behavior, sales metrics etc (Farris et al. 2015).

Mondelez is a dominant market leader in the chocolate industry in India, the company over the past five years has been expanding its market share and as of financial year end 2015, the company had a market share of 55% with five of its brand among the top ten in India (Economic Times Bureau 2015). Mondelez spends huge on advertisement and it targets a vast segment via the means of the same, the company as a result of successful adverting campaigns have been able to attract many new customers of all age groups. Its product range is very wide and targets people who can afford to pay more to the ones who eat chocolates as a luxury (Campaign India 2015). It can be inferred here that the excellent advertising campaigns as a part of marketing strategy is working well for Mondelez, the company is not only increasing its market share but also on the other hand gaining new customers.



Sales of the Mondelez India have been rising year on year since 2010, total sales have gone up from INR 2000 odd Crores in 2010 to well over 5000 Crore as of 2015 (Economic Times Bureau 2015). There are many reasons behind the same, excellent advertisement campaign, broad range of products targeting a large segment, innovative and new products satisfying customer tastes and requirements etc. This supported by the fact that the company is focusing on growing its sales by entering rural market of India will enable the company to not only increase sales but also maintain its market leadership (Economic Times Bureau 2014). Gorton 2011 mentions the fact that organizations boost up sales by expanding their presence in market & also via the means of aggressive marketing and sales campaigns, however what matters here from a marketing evaluation point of view is growth in overall revenues. It can be said here that via the means of entering the rural market and aggressive marketing campaigns the company has been able to boost its overall sales.


Kirenz 2010 mentions the fact that it becomes essential for organizations to predict consumer behaviour patterns, not only does it allow the organization to cater for specific needs and requirements of people, but also on the other hand enables them to know what sort of response they will get from customers for their product. Mondelez has since inception focused on delivering high quality products in India; as a result people have been loyal to the brand and consume its products more often than any other brand. One of the other things about Cadbury which is worth mentioning here is that the company constantly comes up with new and innovative products that attract customers, an example of the same is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, which was a much smoother version of the original chocolate. It is now one of the most important brands for the company as it primarily gets a good response from young people who happen to be the largest age group in India. All in all it can be analyzed here that Mondelez products are getting a good response from Indian people as a result of their marketing initiatives.


Name: G.KeerthiKrishna

Student ID: 215208896



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