Metrics of Grease Monkey


Cars are part of our day to day life and a car in good condition is all we need and to keep it healthy condition Grease Monkey provides the best services. Let’s look at the metrics which helped Grease Monkey progress.

Progress of any company can be determined by quantifying, comparing and interpreting marketing performance of that company. To assess the actions, the below marketing metrics can be used to analyses the progress.

Behavioural Metrics:

This metrics discusses about the sales of the company, market share value, its penetration level, the purchase frequency and proportion of the sales requirement.

Grease Monkey is the highest independent franchisor of oil changing outlets serving more than 2 Million customers describes the sales of the company and its penetration level is so good that 75% of customer come back and the sales requirement has a great proportion that 300 new outlets are being constructed.


Financial Metrics:

Company without profit is not a progressive company, similarly profit metric which can help in calculating marketing spend and ROI, return of investment that gives an insight to the investment that can be made and incurred for higher return of profits and customer lifetime value.

Grease Monkey by providing Franchise facility to its customer in a way is expanding its brand name and also make another good source of income. Being one of its kind oil change service company Grease Monkey and Monkey Shine are the ultimately independent automotive Franchising.


Memory Metrics:

Memories are the terms which are recalled when you hear a name, an image which pops up in the brain and the first thing that comes in your vision. These memories are termed as Brand, brand image in the business markets. Branding is a memory which is impulse in any individual’s mind on hearing the first thing related to it.

When any one is in trouble with their car and want a quick service, Grease monkey is the first thing that comes in most of the drivers. By providing different services like full maintenance, oil change, car wash and car trouble, grease Monkey has branded itself as the most reliable, fast and best services.


Physical Availability:

Providing a service is not important, providing it at the right moment and the right time makes a company shine.

According to Market Wired “Grease Monkey Internationally is considered the best automotive franchise for the month of October 2015. The rankings consist of the best businesses offering entrepreneurs an opportunity for franchising the business formula with a focus on automotive-themed businesses. While there are a large number of operating franchises that offer automotive.” Which clearly shows how far its branches has extended and up to what reach the services are provided.


Marketing Metrics:

Organisation that can provide all the services at one place and that keep track of the services provided can yield higher success.

With the motto “less hassle, more hustle” Grease Monkey provides the best of services which basically started as oil changing service has upgraded to Monkey Shine car wash and certified pit crew services and rest of the car.


Customer Profile Metrics:

This metrics describes the needs of the customer, what do they desire, which gender group, how much they can afford to pay and is it useful and it can be improved by taking reviews and feedbacks from customers.

Grease Monkey has excelled customer services, by providing services in a way customers wanted. According to one of the review from customer “Just a note to let you know how very grateful I am for the wonderful service at Grease Monkey® in Prescott, Arizona. They have been servicing my car for several years now. For my recent oil change, I chose to go “back home” to the Grease Monkey® center where I was greeted with a smile and fast efficient service. Much Thanks! ~ A very trusting “forever” customer, Barbara H.”


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