Brand Awareness

We are encompassed by brands – organization names, item titles, and images. Brands are basically any word, expression, pictures, outlines, logo, and taglines that differentiate one organization from another. Brands can likewise identify one item from another.

Brand awareness is the way effortlessly customers can perceive a brand or the character of an organization and/or item (Ukehajdaraj, 2015). A huge amount of money is spent each year to build up a brand image and assure people know a brand.


With the variety amount of items choices, having a separated image and an audience that can recognize an organization’s image from its rivals is significant. I can mean the contrast amongst achievement and disappointment for an organization. The whole advertising campaigns can be developed around advancing brand awareness. Widening brand awareness is particularly critical in the early years of an organization when they are attempting to become well known. At the point when customers know about the product an organization offers, they will more probable go straight to that organization rather than looking into different places. Company with high brand awareness is seen as acknowledged by the market. Thus, they are credible and consumer will be loyal to them.

There are some methods to build up brand awareness for your own business. Your logo is the first thing that consumer react to your company, however you should always aim to retain that discernment so your business stays in the client’s musings. Here are a few parts of brand awareness building:


Your organization’s brand image is fundamental in the awareness-building process and the general accomplishment of your business. Images don’t simply incorporate logos, however anything on a letterhead, business card, website, bundling and other publicizing supplies. Your images should emphatically speak to your business, and they should fit your objective business sector and the niche you are in. A decade ago, talking about an “indestructible” mobile phone is talking about Nokia.



Fairly critical in the formation of brand awareness is a decent slogan. It ought to stay predictable in all you’re publicizing and marketing materials, yet it ought to likewise be pertinent, brief and memorable. For example, the very catchy slogan – “Just do it” plays an important role in helping Nike become one of the most recognizable brands in the world, which “more than just athletic apparel – it began to embody a state of mind” (Hussain, 2015).



Building a conspicuous brand implies making a remarkable logo. It should speak to your organization emphatically and make an impression on customers, and it should be simple for your clients to make an association between it and the items you are selling. The customer does not need to be a technology follower to recognize the half eaten apple fruit logo belongs to Apple Inc.



When you start a business and build a brand, you are making an impression on your potential clients. That message should be a solid match for your business and your goals; mix your message with your image by fusing your statement of purpose into your advertising operation.


Brand awareness is not just about making an image for your organization, it is additionally about seeing it through all the way and utilizing different marketing procedures as a part of your promoting. Building an unmistakable brand enhances sales, expands your clients’ base and holds those clients returning over and over.

Written by Linhnamiz – 213327923



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