What is your way for see a film?

In recent 20 years, the film industry developed rapidly. Especially the international joint venture film. People always went to cinema to relax or spend their leisure time. But what factors affect people making a decision to see a film? And what distribution strategies it utilized?


There are many categories of film contain science fiction, historical, comedy, action, horror etc. There are four major distribution channels are real store cinema, CD shops, television and website. Film belongs to cultural industry. Combining the different needs of international customers, producers collect regional famous actors together to attract international demographics.

The distribution of film industry is just one vital part of marketing. Other 3ps which are product, price and promote also could not be ignored. Each industry should analysis relevant data first. That contributes to choose the appropriate methods and strategies to launch or promote products. Each new film should clearly analysis target demographic and demand for products and at the same time operators should base on the information and benefits of products to create relative communication methods to promote attractiveness and sales volume through the right media tools. Furthermore, the film ticket price setting determined the competition with competitors. (Fontelera, 2016)

Distribution concludes intensive, exclusive and selective approaches (Learnmarketing, 2016). Film industry utilized integrated marketing. Distribution channel or channels selected can impact on consumer behavior directly since it decided the way buyers obtain goods or services (Fontelera, 2016). Through observing the film industry had chosen the selective distribution channel since cinema usually located in big shopping mall and busy business center.  This established the foundation of place advantages, had the effect of ads and positioned see a film is good way for people to enjoy entertainment.

The following video will explain the some details of film distribution channels.

Before a new film played, film industry premium prepared lots of communication works to spread such as launch event and poster. Because the film manufacturer might not could sale the film to the customer directly. After analysis the products and the demand of consumers. Cinema is bridge which could provide good service for consumers. Thus, film companies cooperate with cinemas and sign agreement with them to permit them have rights to play the film. In other words, cinema is the channel of selling film.

Consumer who interested in their category film will go to the cinema to release their needs. Cinema is the main distribution channel for film manufacturer to get profits. Website and television are other ways people could use for see a film which had out of playing time in cinema.

The following is the report of Hollywood 2016


From the report Hollywood company had very detailed analysis consumers’ behavior to target consumers’ demographics and could setting further marketing strategies.

There is a very effective strategy is that during festivals to launch new film matches consumers’ free time and lifestyle. Within festival time people are on holidays and it is much easier to attract awareness of consumer. For instance, marketers create New Year movie for people to celebrate New Year, which symbolizes lucky for the next year.

Moreover, the distributions also should consider its cost such as cost on advertising, artwork printing, cinema renting, digital technological etc. The price conflict is the common problem should be careful. Sometimes, the return is inversely proportional to investment on distribution. (Marketing MO, 2016)

To sum up, distribution plays a vital role and it should combine with other marketing strategies.  Product and consumer behavior analysis assist to appropriate channels setting and communication extension.


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Report link: http://www.bunchecenter.ucla.edu/index.php/2016/02/new-2016-hollywood-diversity-report-business-as-usual/

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ENPR5ZMvWk

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