Online Food Ordering Services


As Iacobucci (2014) suggested, in order to ensure the good sales, to let the customers easily make the purchase of the products and services that companies offer would be necessary. According to Bhatnagar and Papatla (2016), while to set the retailing stores or the service facility near the target customers could be the good place strategy, the development of the internet and information technology has changed the ways that marketers develop their place strategy, which they now could set their distribution centres and the service facilities in more distanced area, with the online retailing services.

With the online retailing, companies could sell their products to the customers with longer distance, so that this could help them to reach more customers. Also, Kacen, Hess and Chiang (2013) suggested that the cost advantage could also be the reason that companies now actively engage the online selling activities, as it could cut costs for the companies and increase the cost advantage for the companies. While the online retailing now achieves the faster growth speed in many countries such as Australia, companies now extend the usage of such place strategy to more areas, such as the restaurant food deliver services.


According to Maras (2014), the development of the food and beverage online ordering services now becomes a new area that companies should look for. Base on the US market experience, there is a strong demand for such kind of service, which helps the customers to make online purchase of the food products from their favourite restaurants, and to deliver such food products at their door ways. With such services, the customers could order the range of the food takeaway online, so that they do not need to go to the restaurant. Now such trend has already influenced the restaurant industry in Australia, which there are many and more companies, such as the Menulog, Deliveroo, and Melbourne Delivery, now operates such kind of online food ordering services in Melbourne. With such services, I could order the food deliver online for the restaurants all over Melbourne, and it could deliver such food products to where I live in Burwood. In this case, such food and beverage online ordering services help the restaurants to break the geographic limitations, and let those restaurants to sell their food products to the customers who live far from them.

This kind of service could draw great popularity in the future, as it offer the great way for restaurants to improve their place service, and to benefit the customers at the same time. With such services, customers would have to spend less costs and time to make their purchases, so that they could make their purchases much easier with much lower costs. In this case, this could help the restaurants to increase their sales revenue, as more customers would choose to order such delivery online, rather than cook at home. Also, with such online ordering services, the restaurants would have more take away than dine in, so that their capacity would be less limited by the availability of the dine in seats in those restaurant, and this could help those restaurants to have the abilities to serve more customers.

In this case, I believe there would be a strong demand and fast growth in such kind of the service, and we could better enjoy the food delivery in our home in the future.

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