Game of distribution strategy


(source- Anon, 2016)

Everyone needs an edge. Small businesses take-off and pass away too often. There will be no guarantee for your future, even if you set among few lucky ones to thrive. The finest way to succeed over your competition profitably, is to build an exterminator product or service that can delight customers and not just being good enough to win it.

The television show, Game of Thrones from epic book series of George R.R. Martin, is acknowledged for its bloody murders, well developed characters and breath-inducing plot twists. If the marketing content gets as fascinating as this, it might not be considered as just marketing, instead it would be like a dream-storytelling which is simple and plain.

The distribution strategies that we can learn from the marketing team of games thrones is as unique as the content of the show:

Don’t rest on your laurels. form a goal


(image source – Anon,2016)

If you think you are safe in content marketing then it would be as dangerous as it is in Westeros. Social media channels of Game of thrones are strongest in television, that the content has engaged such vast numbers. The total social media audience for Game of thrones on the main podiums is 17.1 million that has undermined the competition: Mad Men and megahits Breaking Bad have collective audiences of 2.8 million and 12 million respectively.

Facebook                     Twitter                                 Instagram

Game of Thrones             14,500,000                       2,300,000                         393,000

Breaking Bad                      10,900,000                      1,100,000                       21,400

Mad Men                           2,600,000                          206,000                         47,800

( source- 5 things to pillage from game of thrones, 2016)

Visuals should be strong when it comes to marketing on social media


Promotion and marketing for such shows need to be as charming as the programs themselves. Many times it is incredible to note how editing is done for these shows to  certain demographics when it comes to campaigns and trailers. Such is the marketing distribution strategies adapted by the content team of Game of Thrones Season 6 which is smart and hasn’t given away too much, just sufficient looks to keep the viewers on the hook for more.



Word of mouth also played an important role for the popularity of the show to be an instant hit. This makes the brand a topic of talk for trade shows and shopping trips. Introduction of brand Merchandise in forms of T-shirts, coffee mugs and decorative pieces also plays a strategic role in the distribution of name of the product. The Costs for marketing the product, after obtaining the merchandise as in Game of thrones, offered lower cost as everyone will distinguish and discuss the offer and the series.( Game of thrones merchandise,2016)

Mutually beneficial alliances

If you join hands to other platforms and brands you can very easily accomplish your goals in comparison to what you can do alone. so to develop partnerships is very important as in Game of Thrones,  they have build up immersive experiences on digital HBO connect and HBO GO and also  joined  “Facebook,YouTube, Twitter, Tumbler, GetGlue, Google+ and Miso.

Knowing where the target audience is..

Using all the communication channels is not the only way to plan integrated marketing campaign. The marketers of Game of Thrones select well-placed locations to reveal the dragon, focusing only on those channels, that make sense for the audience.

For example, recommendations from the satisfied customers is main source of new business for most of the business owners, they run a campaign at increased word-of-mouth. Most of the customers then share it with their friends, and the next step of the marketers is to make clear where is it most sensible to promote the product.



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