Daiso market mix: place distribution and logistics


Daiso Company established in 1972. At first they sale household products to begin their business, as time went by Daiso start to sell varies type of products and it became one of famous Japanese stores around the world. Since Daiso established until now already operate more than 3000 physical stores around the world, and also has on-line stores. (Daiso Japan 2014).

Marketing mix: place (distribution and logistics)

Marketing mix which including place, price, place and promotion. These four principle also names 4Ps. According this blog will talk about one of the marketing mix is “place”.

“Place” is a strategy about how an association will circulate their item or administration to the end client (Learning marketing. net). According to Banyte, Gudonaviciene and Grubys (2011) state that distribution system is an important marketing channel, it as one of the four components of the promoting blend is an as one a player in advertising choices of the organization that covers all choices on conveying of the creation to the last buyer. In addition, Ting and Fei (2013) shows that recent years logistics assumes the key part in business and also is an oversees data streams and synchronizes time and place in corporate instruction.

There is a distribution system:

distribution channel

Source: marketing management week 9 ppt. p.6

According the image can figure out there are three type of convey method. First is factory direct convey to consumers, such as Dell company. Second is factory to retailer then consumer, such as Amazon. Third is factory to wholesaler then retailer and finally is consumers, such as local movie theater. Through this process system can easily understand how the marketing work.


The marketing mix place method of Daiso is start from manufacture to retailer and finally convey to consumer. Daiso has 23 huge warehouse in Japan and 3 overseas, therefore they have an efficient process system to transfer their products to stores.

Daiso logisticSource: Daiso business concept

According to the Daiso business concept can find out they sell various types product, and also they aim to produce great quality product to attract customers. They also have huge number of stories around the world, thus can find out everywhere. The logistics of Daiso is an efficiency process design.


Daiso have 7 factories in Japan and 3 overseas factories. Daiso Japan (n.d.) report that in 2007 Daiso has a goal is grow significantly higher quality items, Thailand known for its water quality, therefore, Daiso’s manufacture in Thailand become the world’s biggest plastic industrial facility. In addition, 3 overseas storehouse are in China and Thailand, all of them have a vast land be the warehouse and produce goods. After produce products from factories, they deliver products to their retailers.


Daiso have huge number of stories in many different countries, which include number of Asian countries, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America. Above of all, the large number of stores are in Asian, at first started from Japan, after that expend their market to Taiwan and Korea…etc. After expand some stores in Asian countries, they try to broaden business to many different countries, thus they run shops in Middle East countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman…etc.) and Canada and U.S.A.

After these two process, customer can buy products from retailers’ stores. However, Diaso not only have physical stores, they also have on-line shopping websites. Through the on-line shop can easy to find out the products and the price all the same as the physical stories. In addition, on-line shopping is quite convenient for customers, they do not need to go out and the company will deliver your shopping to your house.

Here have one short video that briefly introduce Daiso:

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DAISO introduce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwFsAptjelA



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