“What Happens Here, Stays Here”



Would you really like to share what you did in Vegas? The campaign that had opened with the slogan of not sharing your Las Vegas experience is still going strong. This phrase attracted millions of visitors to the Sin City. What does it have which makes it such a famous marketing strategy?


To succeed in tourism competition, they needed a strong differentiator other than gambling. Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) partnering with R&R Partners conducted a research which revealed that people come to Las Vegas for experience and over-indulge in activities ‘adult freedom’ that they won’t do at home (An introduction to Integrating Marketing Communiation, 2016).

Freedom to do things which we can’t do, wear things, feel things, eat things and explore the inner desire. The connection between experience, desire and freedom is the differentiator for Las Vegas. (Rrpartners.com, 2016)

To attract more customers, they targeted customers from major cities and educated customers with billboards and branding ads running over almost all promotional channels.

Commercials of Las Vegas, were huge success. They made people laugh. Even though prints and other digital assets were there, but ads were leaving a strong element in viewer’s mind. It was heart of the campaign. Creativity in those ads which told stories that can’t happen anywhere created curiosity and attracted more visitors to Sin City.


Advertisements of Las Vegas, connected successfully with emotions of the target audiences. Freedom, experience and desire to live the Las Vegas adventure resulted in increased occupancy in city throughout the campaign. Targeting summer, more ads and commercials ran on media prior, to attract more tourism.


Social media is one of the major factors in contemporary marketing. Las Vegas promoted and attracted many followers on Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. It helps influence and increase excitement of followers. #WHHSH box hunt like promotions went viral over the last few years.

It was controversial to go online as its tag line suggested. Notable growth on sharing pictures on Facebook and other social sites had threatened the brand image of Las Vegas which was primarily built on not sharing.

But to compensate this, LVCVA came up with a strategy to use the power of social media. They convinced visitors to share only ‘right’ moments and not all moments. New campaign for this started again with great tag line

#Know the code. Protect the moment”


It resulted, lots of people started talking about staying quiet – more than 5.5 million impressions via Twitter, 32,000 engagements and more than 17,000 new followers, by focusing on the fact that certain things about Las Vegas can’t be discussed.

(Rrpartners.com, 2016)


When they approached at the start of campaign to Super Bowl for event promotion, executives just said a big NO NO.. It is not place to advertise gambling, but later event promotions were so successful that, they are now major sponsors of big events all over the world. Also, Hangover franchise, inspired and promoted Sin city through its movies very well.

Result of all this is just so fabulous. Annual visitors rate increased each year, reaching its high in 2007 up to 39.2 million. But during, recession it dropped by 4 percent and again gained its high in 2012 (Theweek.com, 2013).



As everything has consequences, and so does a Las Vegas vacation. In excitement, many may lose more money in casinos than they can afford to and also get arrested for some crimes etc.

Campaign played a significant role in making perception about Las Vegas in consumer’s mind and brand positioning on not sharing. So I think is a successful strategy what do you think?



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