King remains King, IMC Approach

In this new modern era, where new technologies, social media and apps entering into market with fast pace create a new headache for the companies. Traditional media to reach consumer has changed by the evolution of social media and internet. Firm uses different communication channels to retain their current as well as new customer.Now these days’ brand messages can be detracted or derailed across different media promotion channels. That’s why companies use integrated marketing communication approach in conveying a consistent and unified message.


Burger king is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. Everyday around 11 million customers visiting their chain because of their high quality, delicious menu and affordable food(Burger King 2016). Despite of the challenges imposes by their competitors; burger king holds their strong position in market with the help of their successful integration marketing approach. Burger king relies on all marketing promotional tools to reach their consumer with greater credibility and authentic message.


Burger King is considered the Home of Whopper and is very popular in Beef and Ham burgers. With the expansion into smoothies, salads and chicken wraps, the chain is clearly eliminating its single-minded focus on the hungry beef menu. They hired different celebrities such as Jay Leno, David Beckham and Steven Tyler to grab the attention towards its revamped menu which might be ignored by customer because of similar offerings offered by competitor MacDonald from years(O’Leary 2012).

Source : AD

Source : AD (2012)


In south Korea, they designed free mask campaign which helped them to come out with traditional brand image by encouraging customers to start their day with burger king. In South Korea, many Koreans are busy and sleep deprived. They missed their station by slept in subway. So burger king realized this factor and come up with idea. It created a sleeping mask which saying that wake me up at ABC station. There are two coupons inside the mask a person can give to those who wake him up in correct station in reward they can enjoyed coffee from any burger king chain(Doland 2015).


Source : AD Age .com (2015)


To make a close contact with their customer, they launched an android and iPhone application. This app helps customer in locating nearest store, store menu and nutritional information. You can select your menu as well before coming to store(Tode 2014). They have an aim to reach every customer by using maximum communication channels with unified voice that we are here to serve you don’t go anywhere.

Source : Burger King .com

Source : Burger King .com


In case of promotional offers, burger king outperforms its rival competitor Macdonald and Wendy’s. They have competitive edge on other fast food chain because of their simplicity in menu. They successfully launched new limited offers without adding back of the house complexity. They have different promotional offers. Recently they benefit from successful promotion (2 for $5 sandwiches).

Source :

Source :


Burger King has always surpassed in advertisement campaign. Their right selection of medium with good theme made a great impression on the target market.

They launched a campaign under name of burger king’s motel king in promoting their chicken burger in New Zealand. Kiwi celebrities were tapped to be ‘papped’ coming out of the Motel in advance of the campaign’s launch on Facebook where users could comment and tag any three friends to whom they want to take them in motel king booth. At the time of reservation, they were encouraged to check in on social media and used motels hashtag. This ad increased their engagement in Facebook and it made an impression on 2 million users with high sales recorded in sale of chicken burger(MacLeod & Hootsuite 2015).

To retain and maintain relationship with customers, they have very clear strategy. It is always a good idea to listen to public, to study the public, to talk the public and do what they want(Thompson 2013). They launched French fry burger because at some point burger king employee have witnessed a customer putting French fries between the bun of hamburger. That is the way they are establishing their public relations.

Source : the

Source : the


No doubt Integrated marketing communication have a vast impact on brands these days. But it has some bad implications as well. Now these days’ organization using many different tools for promotion of their product but what happens companies paying more attention to one tool and ignored other one which imposes very bad impression. It should be in harmony with paid attention to all tools like burger king who tried hard to revamp its menu.


Muhammad Haider Tufail Paracha





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