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Successful, memorable advertisement needs to figure out how to use tie the business of advertising to the creative of advertising, part of the basic foundation of integrated market communication (Završnik and Jerman, n.d.).  Integrated marketing communication has a crucial role in automobile industry and Volkswagen being one of the pioneer automotive manufacturers knows the importance of this. Volkswagen use different types of icm tools and promotional mix to communicate to their customers from the very   basic methods of direct marketing such as sending of brochures to their prospect and hot-a customers through mail they also send multimedia files in the form of DVDs and email to the targeted customers some can be their old customer and to the new customers who have expressed interest in the Volkswagen products. (, 2016)

Making use of the internet   

The marketers at Volkswagen knows that people spend a great deal of time surfing internet and it has turned out to be a perfect tool for integrated marketing and customers use  the internet to search for various products and are fully aware about the products even before coming to the dealership to make their purchase  or to enquire. The ads are placed in popular websites and blog sites these small advertisements are known as skybus, this links take the customers to the company website which shows various information of the products that Volkswagen offers their customers and also they show different kinds of options like dealing with the financing, the nearest dealerships. The web site also has a many interactive features like choosing the colour and various options and additional accessorise and price of the extra fittings .Volkswagen have also used social media platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram as a part of their social media marketing campaigning.  This types of marketing provides additional benefits to the company as this type of promotions are less expansive when compared to ads in YouTube, and TV commercials and the GRP( gross rating points) rating is very high for this type of promotions, GRP is calculated by multiplying the reach or percentage of the targeted audience that have seen the ad at least once (Iacobucci, n.d.)  with frequency, it is the average number of times the targeted audience saw the ad with in a set duration (Iacobucci, n.d.)  And marketers know that people who use the social Medias like facebook, twitter and instagram use this website every day. Another important website which the company use as a part of media advertising camping is YouTube the ads that come in YouTube also yield a  high percentage of GRP percentage as the number of people who use YouTube is very high.

TV commercials

Even with the advancement of internet and  today’s TV channel fragmentation, this medium still yields the largest reach in numbers. (Iacobucci, n.d.). The reach of Tv commercials is unparallel to any other kids of advertisements there is a growing concern regarding the expanse of TV commercials. Volkswagen has invested a huge amount for TV commercials all over the world.


Event sponsorships are yet another type of promotions which Volkswagen dose they sponsor motor sports tennis and other types of sports and games these sports events have a huge number of people watching the events which will help in the promotion of the brand.


Billboards are an age old method of promotions which companies have been using for a very long time even before the TV commercials and internet and Volkswagen have used these bill boards in efficient manner.  Some billboards are made funny to attrect people.




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