There’s a man in there – Old Spice


(Roll Tide PR, 2010)

Old Spice utilizes an emotional message methodology to improve its amiability from buyers that are presented to their message. Their media system has 3 components that impart their message to their intended interest group, TV, print, and a few channels of online networking including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

As the organisation entered 2010, they were experiencing decreased sales and a withering brand picture. The number of rivals in the men’s body wash class had been developing and Old Spice wasn’t stacking up, likewise, the brand had for some time been connected with the aroma of fathers and grandfathers, lessening its speak to the more youthful era, a group of people with unbelievable purchasing power and impact

In February 2010, Proctor and Gamble, creators of Old Spice, launched “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign with an online advertisement featuring previous NFL player Isaiah Mustafa. The roughly good looking man is indicated towel-clad in his restroom as he tries to persuade female viewers to buy Old Spice body wash so their men will be much the same as him, or if nothing else smell like him. The business debuted on YouTube amid Superbowl weekend and has subsequent to got more than 26 million views.


Two of the greatest elements in successful advertising are awareness and consumer trust. Conventional advertising –, for example, Billboards online banner ads, print ads, direct mail and radio and television commercials– is genuinely great at bringing issues to light, however not all that good at moving trust.

Some place on the Internet sees a video they truly appreciate – like, for instance, an Old Spice business that closures with a horse – and they quickly send links to all of their friends. Those friends send links to their friends further. The video’s number of views spike, search engine rank it higher, and soon everybody thinks about Isaiah Mustafa, the “Old Spice guy.”


(Zones of Social Media Marketing, 2012)

Old Spice launched videos of the Old Spice man holding an commodity in a bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. The man started noting fan questions in short recordings on YouTube. There are 185 of these recordings each of which is around 30 seconds long

The shirtless man’s fame rapidly spread to Facebook and Twitter.On Twitter, the man cooperates with fans and still answers a few (irregular) questions coordinated to him. As a rule on Twitter, the shirtless man approaches subjects totally random to Old Spice items, for example, manatees, football, comeliness and Oktoberfest. His number of followers has topped 120,000 and he has tweeted around 1,950 times starting at this point.

In spite of the fact that this public relation advertising effort does not concentrate on the particular or practical advantages of Old Spice items, it has attracted a huge number of purchasers in an era that earlier ordered Old Spice as an item for their grandfathers.

Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice brand of men’s grooming products signed a sponsorship deal with fishing-tournament group FLW. As a major aspect of the arrangement, Old Spice will pick up introduction over different FLW occasions,including tournaments and Expos. Professional angler Greg Bohannan will speak to the brand on the 2016 Walmart FLW Tour occasion.


Old Spice adequately utilizes each of the five promotion tools to convey the value of masculinity and manliness to its image and its products.

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