Thank You, Mom!!!

The above video is from Procter & Gamble “Thank You, Mom” campaign. This commercial called “Strong” was introduced for the up-coming Olympic Games in Rio 2016 following their other successful commercials (P&g launces “Thank You, Mom” Campaign n.d.)

The ad has received positive responds from audiences and effectively attracted consumer’s attention. The commercial was generated from the idea that behind every athlete is an incredible mom. Created by Wieden and Kennedy in Portland, the ad concentrates on four Olympic athletes and how they can receive strengths from their mom in some unexpected situations such as natural disasters, car accidents or plane shock. The ad continues with the ceremony of wining at Olympic and they all give big hug to their mom. The sentence “It takes someone strong to make someone strong” that appears at the end of the ad has a certain influence in consumer’s mind by all means and other (Zazzi 2016).


According to Zazzi (2016), the ad recorded a highest score in a survey with 500 respondents both quantitatively and qualitatively. As shown from the picture, the ad achieved high rate in Likeable, Attention and Relevance to the viewers. Procter & Gamble has successfully adopted the usage of emotional marketing in their “Thank You, Mom” campaign and impacted consumers’ emotional sentiment as well as gained brand recognition.

Rytel (2010) defines emotional marketing as a new concept of marketing that targets the essential of emotional connection between the companies and the consumers. The concept bases on how to increase consumers’ awareness by affecting their emotional appeals with the usage of marketing principles. The concept involves the assumption that consumers’ choices are eventually affected by not rational but rather the emotional characteristic of goods or services. It is said that audience has a certain responded to specific advertising (Cartwright, McCormicj & Warnaby 2016). It is also believed that well-produced and presented emotional adverts can create high brand and message remembrance as well as the ability to enhance brand attitudes.The aim of emotional marketing is to build a friendly relationship between the brand or the companies and consumers.


Procter & Gamble has perfectly and creatively developed the “Thank You, Mom” with the purpose to attach consumers ‘emotion and feeling relating to a mother’s love and children. Not only with the tradition from previous events such as Winter Games in Vancouver, in Sochi and Olympic Games in London, the release of “Thank You, Mom” spot for Olympic Games in Rio was just less than two week away from “Mother’s Day” (Nudd 2016). The time that Procter & Gamble launched the campaign has a direct effect to audience and draw their attention for the firm. Their other commercials such as “Pick Them Back Up”, “Kids” and “Best Job” belonged to the “Thank You, Mom” campaign are placed as one of the most views Olympic Games video of all time (P&g launces “Thank You, Mom” Campaign n.d.).

Not only used by Procter & Gamble, emotional marketing or emotional advertising have been acknowledged and utilised by many companies and brands in order to gain consumers’ attention and increase brand awareness from consumers. Those companies intend to create and maintain a positive relationship with consumers by referring to consumers’ emotion and feeling. Some examples can be listed such as Apple’s “Think Different”, Coke’s “America is beautiful”, Heineken’s “Men with talent”, Nike’s “Fine your greatness”, etc.

By Thanh Truc Duong – 215241883


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