Marvel productions came in front of the audience with a fantastic marketing idea for their upcoming movie Captain America : “CIVIL WAR”.

The first trailer included all the main characters in the movie with their perspective role. In this the movie revolves around the misunderstanding occurred between iron man and Captain America, how they solved the issue by getting in to fight with each other by having separate teams.

when the first trailer was released in to the market through the powerful social media weapon youtube people went crazy about the movie, the expectations kept on the movie are hyped by marvel. The trailer itself got nearly 54 million view till date, that is a massive response from the viewers for a trailer.

How the difference happened.

when every thing working properly they released their second trailer of the movie with a perfect and mind blowing marketing idea to engage the audience with the movie and increase the level of expectations from the audience. i.e at the end of the trailer a new character was included in the movie, the new character is non other than our special super hero spiderman. He came up with a new custome , he is on iron man side and he grabs the shield of Captain America with an intensive ease and the way he introduces himself by saying hi everyone is just made the audience go crazy, the views of the trailer went beyond expectations by beating the first trailer record, on date the current views of the trailer is around 65 million.


It attracted everyone and made a huge impact at the box-office for the first day record collections. This whole case of the second trailer seems to be an perfectly implemented integrated marketing communication by the marvel production it increased the interest in public that the movie is better and has many special treats for an audience who expects more from the movie. By displaying spiderman in the trailer many viewers are connected with the movie because he is one of the best all time super hero and that to many of the 90’s kids love him more than other super hero. The anxiety of the audience is also increased how spiderman is capable of stopping Captain America in the civil war.

After release of news that spiderman is there in civil war the search for the civil war movie in google went viral and it got better and better till the release date by word of mouth.
so the marvel production is happy that they are successful in prompting the movie with less spending on its advertising.

Spider-Man-Civil-War-New-Costume (1).jpg

By doing these type of marketing from marvel public got engaged and the curiosity was increased and it worked really good by the time of release. Marvel is trying to promote their upcoming X-MEN movie by following the same strategy to attract the movie lover. This time they include wolverine in second trailer of the x-men. let us see will this work for them this time as well.


Name : Lazarus Naresh Nelaturi

User id : lnelatur

Student id : 215011042


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