The Human race is a complex species living in a much convoluted environment. With the coexistence of these complexities of human race and the world, a lucid idea or message that is intended to conveyed shall be picked up by us; the humans. Marketing gurus noticed the significance of how a clear cut, straight forward message can impact a product. What will attract the mind and how can they relate the universe and use it, for their products effective marketing has developed significantly in various sectors. For instance, energy drink manufacturers relate how it would vitalize a person’s body, appliances sector stresses on how their product could make their lives easier and the rest.


(, 2016)


But how to keep it simple yet effective is the prime key on how to be a foot ahead from others competing in provision of similar product. There are times when a consumer may get attracted to a certain product just because they find it appealing by the way it is presented or how they perceive the relevance of that product and certain need or desire. Pringles had come up with a fantastic jingle  ‘once you pop, you can’t stop’ to accompany their tagline; the message was clear and simple by the chips manufacturing company’s marketing team wherein they pass in connecting and inculcating the message to human mind. The message was straight and simple, easily understandable which should be the ideology. In the presence of so much complexities, a simple message is all that is needed at times to strike the difference.


(, 2016)



Integrated marketing communication is a technique extensively used lately for grasping customer’s attention and constantly conveying the message of what product has to offer. This leaves an imprint of the human mind and is known as brand messaging. Now, what really fascinates me is how creatively the Redbull excels in using simple ideas and lines to promote its product and other events which it promotes around the globe. Redbull is an energy drink manufacturer and it has managed to grasp every possible tired mind, body, soul in a spectacular manner. ‘Redbull gives you wings..!!’, merely four words which attract the human mind instantly.


(Facts, 2016)

Someone is tired, they grab a Redbull right away, feeling lethargic in a party.. pick a can of the energy drink and boom..!! Redbull gives you wings, indeed.! The rush which it gives upon its consumption is felt right away and over time consumption of the drink builds a relationship with the mind and it gets associated to the product. The mind instantly desires or draws attention towards Redbull when someone needs an adrenaline rush flowing through them. Alongside its distribution and manufacturing of the energy drink, Redbull also organizes and sponsors adventure sports for adventurers and extreme sport enthusiasts. Redbull does not miss out on any opportunity for promoting and spreading their branding message. Although, they don’t face much competition still they thrive in wide spreading their drinks benefits to the masses.




(Carmel Magazine, 2009)

(Hines, 2016)


The marketing strategy varies from commercial adds, animated illustrations to sponsoring cars and motorbikes in professional racing world. One remarkable combination of utilizing integrated marketing communication strategy in the sky diving campaigns and sports. Jumping off an airplane, skyscraper thousands of feet above high; blood gushing, heart thumping and all that you have is a parachute or an air-gliding suit which unravels a vibrant bull in red color. What does it imply or try to convey..?? not that difficult for the human mind to relate now is it. Redbull was triumphal in giving its simple message of the energy drink true and concrete support, Redbull does gives you wings..!! rather for a small span of time, but then again there is always another Redbull can and another chance to fly in the air flaunting the Redbull chute as one’s own wings. Moreover, Redbull has all its upcoming activities posted on their official website and keeps the adventurers and sports lovers updated.


(Schmidt, 2016)


A simple idea for the complex human mind that’s what integrated marketing communication stresses on. Few know about how exactly complex this process of generating a simple idea really is. This effort of making things simple for the masses to understand helps products in keeping them alive in the market and make them distinctive from others.

complex mind

(DemandGen, 2014)

Sagar Bhandarkar

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