Red Bull’s Best Way of Marketing Communication


Red Bull is a stimulated beverage made in 1987 associated with Austrian company Red Bull GmbH. Integrated Marketing Communication done by the association was outstandingly successful. “It gives you wings” is the trademark of Red bull. It’s worldwide advancing exertion targets youthful colleagues generally with convincing amusements. Seeing this business, one may realize what number of sorts of extraordinary diversions that the association patrons to. These degree from skating, windsurfing, BMX, mountain biking, Formula 1 dashing, snowboarding, feign diving, rally, freestyle motocross.


Red Bull bolsters sports and additionally music festivities and diverse events. The association shows its photo in light of imaginative and extraordinary energy at various festivals. Red Bull finds where and when people require the drink and people’s needs are satisfied. Red Bull in like manner supports specific awesome recreations players. Especially, Felix Baumgartner’s (bolstered by Red Bull) free fall is live TV over all through the world on TV and Youtube. It is outstandingly powerful to educate various people concerning the brand with amusements sponsorship advancing, because its witticism and the possibility of extraordinary diversions are facilitated to a great degree well.

The association bolsters different contenders who are possessed with convincing recreations; in like manner aficionados of the contenders will normally be devotees of the drink. Red Bull is utilizing all the possible advancing methods with a particular final objective to accomplish its target business segment from all unmistakable focuses. Despite that, it is passing on the same message to all the different social affairs of centers, with no irregularity nor confusion, which is “Red Bull gives you wings”. Red Bull uses the seeding strategy remembering the deciding objective to keep up proximity in tertiary establishments. The association stays in contact with the groups through “Understudy brand chairmen”, who find the events taking place in the school and works as a contact between the event boss and the association, giving “event backing, Deejays, differing media (AV) system set ups. Despite enrapturing genuinely with its both second target demographics and novel, Red Bull unnoticeable offers both to make a move and the best dreams will be fulfilled which they ever had. This technique uses wings three and four of the Dragonfly Effect model while never making it plainly obvious. Or maybe, the plan is to make life fun and stimulating, paying little heed to what a man’s age. Amidst all the amazing games sponsorship, Red Bull made an occasion all to its own particular which draws consideration from a few landmasses. Red Bull concocted the popular Flugtag, signifying “flying day” to challenge ordinary individuals to pilot manifestations worked in their carports. In this occasion, a regular person is managed the chance to dispatch a contraption from the statures of an extensive Red Bull stage with expectations of flight before colliding with a waterway underneath them. What is incredible about this national occasion is that it was altogether made, composed, is still worked yearly by Red Bull. This is an extremely amazing advertising venture by Red Bull to advance group inclusion, fun, and familiarity with the Red Bull brand


Concepts for remarkable success of Red Bull’s strategy:

  1. Consumer engagement through sportsmanship, bravery and norms
  2. Viral recordings depicting deeds of physicality and valiance – summoning the surge people search for from drinking the thing
  3. Brand affirmation through logo drenching
  4. Attainment of sweeping brand affirmation and faithfulness first among middle demographic, then meticulously gathering a trustworthy platform to perform it in another

Submitted by: Gagana Donavalli (214396408)


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