Mum`s to the Rescue

With a caption of Recycle, Reuse and Rehome and a goal to share the joy of motherhood to each and every child and save the mother Earths precious resources.


St Kilda Mums a non profitable organisation helps families going through hard times and child care services.

We can notice that in this advertisement, the work of the organisation has been explained clearly and how they are trying to provide needs for the under privileged and the advertisement mainly motivates people what good can be done by small donation and motivates the viewers to participate in their good cause.

By collaborating with google St Kilda Mums have bought out that technology can be used to bring a smile in a families face through Google forms and drives on mobile devices and laptops.

Using Technology, the organisation can coordinate the donations and re route the goods from their warehouses to the families which are in dire needs in time.

pasted image 0


Social Media is one of the best way to broadcast about any organisation or campaign and St Kilda Mums have used the platforms like Instagram, Facebook, flicker, Twitter and You tube where in they have been publishing the activities conducted by them.



Through other medium of media like Radio broadcasting, Magazines, Billboards, Posters and a direct Website and with a mailing address the St Kilda Mums have reached out to many families and also helped the families in need.

Having a good Public relation has helped them gain name through press and many news channels have helped the organisation to reach heights. By collaborating with many sister organisations and with government campaigns many needs of families have been attended by St Kilda Mums.





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