IMC !!! The better way of spreading the message across.

Integrated marketing is one such approach in which the various aspects of the marketing are used in a combination way. It ensures in reduced operational cost, better management of time and functional improvement while leveraging the quality output. The only consideration for this kind of work is the complete understanding of the process. This can be attributed as the key to the success.


The major stages of the integrated marketing process lead towards the better simulation of the practical approaches and levels. Thus, often the steps are being merged as well.
For instance, the customer feedback collection can be combined with the data regarding the new product launch.

The important step is to break down the barriers in smaller parts, which help in segregating the responsibilities. This may help in better time management.

Theory of change management

The following step is the proper integration of the tasks according to the priority of the task. This theory describes ways to incorporate the changes in the effective approaches, which is also an important part of the integrative marketing aspects.



The theory explains that in order to bring change in the working aspects three necessary steps are required to be followed. These are, unfreezing the situation by explaining the necessity of the change in the working process. The following step is to demonstrate the changes by making the real example and incorporate new working method. The final step is freezing the situation. This can be done through the creation of the standard operating protocol (SOP).

Here we can take the snickers case. The perception about snickers was different in few parts of the world as an ordinary chocolate bar. The snickers launched Super bowl ad, Berry white contrasted as a male, and the tag line was “You’re not you when you are hungry”.



In this add Snickers shows as a chocolate bar that satisfies your hunger. It shows when a person gets hungry, they are not themselves, and their role is threatened. Snickers can satisfy their hunger. Through this integrated marketing the Sales were up by 8%, and there was a constant increase in the subscriptions for YouTube channel. And later they came up with another advertisement campaign named Hunger  Bar campaign.

Implementation process of the integrative marketing

Creating the emotional connection with the buyers regarding the quality and the services of the product is the another part of the integrative marketing. The social platforms can be used extensively in this aspect. In order to do so, best materials are required to be incorporated in the marketing brochures and the social platform contents. Through this approach, the customers will be the able to gain in-depth knowledge regarding the products. This can help in getting half of the job done with minimum cost and the efforts.

Another important aspect is the cross channeling in the market. The business is required to connect every level of buyers. This can help the business to achieve the full potential in the minimum required time. This will extensively assist in extending the existing customer base. However, this may also require creating the provisional segmentation of the products in terms of quality and volume as well. The existing forces in the market and the threats of the substitute are required to be analyzed properly in order to make the product segmentation.

How did CANCER RESEARCH  UK did their integrated marketing to get the funds ????

Cancer Research UK needs individuals to consider how a straightforward mark could cure malignancy. Their battle, made by Nuclear London, wires TV, print, to get the word across was a successful one. Atomic London highlighted the advertisements through print and film to guarantee that a steady message was spread to the audience that expected to hear it.


It was successful  campaign but just reaching out to audience was not the main objective but to raise funds. As per  site, it’s “Be Sure about Tumor” campaign – which takes after a comparable guide to the mark battle, has spared more than 1,000 individuals by persuading them to see a specialist in the event that they have had a hack for over three weeks and after the event 93% of the viewers gave their support to raise the funds.

Submitted by : KONDAL REDDY PISARLA  (215150973)


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