How men should smell??- Old Spice


Attention ALL Men and Women..!! The Old Spice “YOUR Man” battle is not for everyone. It is just for the Old Spice Man. In the event that you need your own battles to smell as sweet, this is what not to do. Here its going to be about what old spice did and what you shouldn’t in your business.


Did you know Old Spice flavor was initially for Women and not men? It was made as a fragrance for ladies which was in 1937. Old zest for men turned out just in 1938. The old flavor items where manufactured by the Shulton Company that was established in 1934 by William Lightgfoot Schultz.[Pinto(2016)]

One main thing that comes to your notice when viewing  any Old Spice add is the “Handsome Hunk” talking to you directly. It looks moreaxe.jpg inappropriate and creepy. Especially when the spokesperson looking directly to you when he’s trying to explain about the product. Yes the men look good but also it’s about how and what you are trying to advertise. Somewhat so like the AXE deodorant advertisement for the new chocolate deodorant where women are running towards the men.

At long last, the most intelligent advertisers saw a noteworthy staying point in ma king the Old Spice Man into a model for their own advertisements which depended on the perfection of attracting the customers. Keeping in mind each brand might want to think all its video resources are convincing, that is obviously not the situation. old spice.jpgCreating video that make people want to watch the advertisement over and over again is a pretty big task.

Rather than mimicking the Old Spice Man, consider its more all-inclusive lessons: that this Procter and Gamble division made sense of how to adequately mix fixings from the three advertising media – paid, owned and earned – to achieve its intended interest group.


The advertising accomplishment got it’s begin from conventional TV plugs, supplemented by film advertisements (paid). At that point the crusade moved to an intelligent blend of brand micro site with Facebook and Twitter pages (owned), and proceeded with its energy through shopper connection and verbal exchange on social destinations and past (earned), Pakela(2016) stated.

The general lesson for brand advertisers from the Old Spice crusade is its all-around blended blend of the three media. Paid media, publicizing both online and logged off, are frequently key in empowering use of claimed media (brand destinations or pages) and setting the flash – if the innovative is sufficiently hot – for earned media (verbal). Along these lines, building up a battle from the very beginning with composed arrangements for every one of the three media sorts enhances the chances of boosting a brand’s picture, mindfulness, and acknowledgment and purchaser insight.

old spice 2.jpgFurthermore, for organizations in the buyer merchandise commercial enterprises, specifically –though rarely in the industry- another lesson originates from improving the promoting media with a component of quality. For Old Spice, that was a “national drop
of high-esteem coupons,” as noted in a late Advertising Age (2010). Different reviews have over and again shown the significance of brands offering something of worth to induce buyers. As Light speed Research (2016) discovered, brands offering rebates is the single activity that individuals discover more important than whatever other.


Though earlier OLD spice was well known for its creatively sexually appealing ads, when it came on to the social media front it invited its customers to give their insights which helped them refine well on what they do best( Their videos) so that they get what the customers are looking for like the video above with Terry Crews.

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