How Dove uses its vision to make consumers feel beautiful

dove2Dove that was a US based soap bar has turned into one of unilever’s biggest global brand, which is now the world’s #1 cleansing product. The Dove brand now has four main groups in its beauty care products which are bar & body wash, deodorants, skincare lotions and haircare. It has grown from a mediocre soap bar into one of the most trusted beauty product. It has built its brand impressively with huge effort in the past two decades which has played a big role in their success story.

The beauty product company targets women of all ages, sizes, shapes and color. Through its marketing campaigns, dove has built awareness among women to believe that beauty lies in themselves, rather depending on other factors. This creates an attitude among women that real beauty comes from their inner self which is dove’s mission and vision. And that resulted in 10.1 million women consumers for a week in the UK.


Dove’s advertisements for personal care products works on improving the self-esteem of women. Therefore their add “dove evolution”  shows how much effort is required to turn an ordinary young lady into a model after heavy make-up and photoshopping which won advertising awards and 150 million views. It urges women to think that their perception of beauty is distorted and hence brought a trust in their consumers that dove would be a safer option.


Dove has made one-sided comparative method in designing their cognitive advertisements. It has expressed the product’s benefits that using any personal care product of Dove is soft, gentle and smooth. In their previous adds it has stated that the pH level of dove soap is lesser than 7 which is safer when compared to other soaps. Dove has always been marketed as a gentle skin care bar that contains 25% cleansing cream and not an ordinary beauty soap. Thus becoming the leading brand recommended by physicians. Their unique marketing strategy focused on revealing natural beauty in every women instead of endorsing their brand through a celebrity. The company had successfully improved their consumer awareness and sales by using ordinary women for their advertisements. While most of the products target on their products alone Dove focusses on the importance on every woman feeling good about herself. They had mainly intended to touch the consumers emotionally.

Most of the advertisements for Dove featured in the televisions earlier and now the company has evolved to use social media for feedback and sharing innovative ideas. In its advertisement for Real beauty sketches Dove has proved that women have perception gaps and through personalized questions and detailed interviews it has built a strong consumer and brand relationship by proving that everyone is beautiful than they look. The add went viral and got  35 million views within a short span of two weeks.


Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” has been groundbreaking, brave, bold, insightful, transparent and authentic. The ten year old campaign has helped Dove grow from a 200 million dollar soap brand in early 1990s into a 4 billion dollar brand now by creating a trusted brand name loyal consumer base.

Blogged by : Gayathri  Subramanian(215232297)



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