Flipkart owns Indian e-commerce through its IMC’s Strategy

Flipkart-New-LogoWhat and why Integrated Marketing Communications is so important? It is the simple concept which ensure that all the forms of messages and communication are carefully linked together. The bottom line is that IMC which we call it, means fusing all the promotional tools, so that they work together in harmony.

As defined by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA)

” … recognizes the value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communication disciplines advertising, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion and combines them to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum communication impact.”

The IMC has five distinguished features,

  1. The starting point for all the Marketing Communication Activities are the customers, so start with them.
  2. Use various marketing tools for communicating with them.
  3. All the messages should be consistent and should speak in a ‘Single Voice’.
  4. Build the relationship with the Brand and the Customer.
  5. Move people to action.

We will go through a case study, how Flipkart effectively utilized the IMC’s features and elements to achieve their position as an India’s largest e-commerce company.


In 2007 Flipkart initially started by seeling the books, soon it expanded and offered by giving a wide range of goods. The founders, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, who were the former employees of Amazon.com, Inc.

Flipkart’s IMC Approach:

Advertisement is the very important for business, so as to make awareness, attract, Indian Ads revenueeducate the customer etc. and that’s why it an element of IMC. Flipkart has wisely used this element to boost their business to a peak level. Each of their ads are well designed in such a way that message from the firm, can be easily decoded by the customers and which also includes emotions in it, such as in this video you can feel the happiness and excitement.



They even engage the customer’s brain with their cognitive ads technique known as non-comparative ads Raymond Weil 7730-BK-05207 Freelancer Analog Watch – For Men, Boys.

Result of gaining both Customer & Market

Attitudes: Ads & Brand:

Big Billion dayThe important reason how they gained a good attitude towards their ads and brands is, the way they advertised. Only after analysing and testing which media and when to schedule they implement it. They uses all 3 mode of schedule

In Media:

  1. Occasional Ads like “The Big Billion Day” and
  2. Seasonal Ads exposure “Flipkart HAPPY DIWALI SALE” during Diwali each year,

In their website:

  1. Continuous Ads, they each day they change the ads in their homepage.

All these lead them to generate nearly $1 million in monthly ads sales and made them one Attitudeof the India’s largest digital ads platform.


“Ads is one of the proven ways by which platforms in the e-commerce space can get monetised,”                                                                                 – Ashvin Vellody, partner, KPMG.

Presence in Social Media:

Facebook posts
Flipkart knowing the importance of social media where people can’t live without it, they have a keen eye on it. For some people it’s hard to find the presence of the company in social media. They easily tackled that, by having an option to connect to Twitter and Google+ at the bottom of their page. They have an impressive way to have a track and remind their customer about their last search which they left viewing, by popping up in the news feed or in the bottom in your Facebook or in Flipkart and they also post any news, events and offers during festival like Akshaya Tritiya which also helps in  pre-purchase awareness among customers. The most important in social media is the social listening, which the Flipkart does well.

Facebook posts_1

Word of Mouth, is other important way of marketing strategy which is more effective than word of mouthpromotional events and traditional advertisement. It is so vital because of one reason, trust which they have on their friends than the ads. It is said as,

Word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising in categories as diverse as skincare and mobile phones.”

Colliding with Public:

They are very good in maintaining public relationship, by making press release for any news worthy such as  1 billion GMV achievement speech by the founder Sachin Bansal in a ‘Slash N’ technology conference 2015, which was the event sponsored and conducted by them from 2013. There are really good at handling the negative publicity, like when they had a glitch in their 1st ‘The Big Billion Day ‘they apologized in a press meet which made their customers to gain their trust back.

When speaking about promotion Flipkart strikes out all its competitors, they give frequent offers, during all Indian festivals and even through some events they conduct like The Big Billion Day.


What we have learnt?

So in overall through this case study it is clear that, all though the IMC requires lot of Flipkart positioneffort and careful planning, its end result has many benefits. Such as it helps in building a good customer relationship, hikes the profit in both sales and revenue, by saving time and stress which all been achieved by Flipkart’s IMC strategy plan. It’s is very important to plan the Integrated Marketing Communication plan before starting a business.



Blogged by : Mahesh Rajamanickam(214463095)





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