Era of Integrated Marketing Communication… @ Hungry Jacks

In today’s world there are lot of complications related to communication, there are many channels of communication such as social media, print media, electronic media, www, email. So, in order to send a communication effectively to a different segment of people approach has to be different in each form of communication.

In the similar manner in order to do effective marketing for the product effective form of marketing communication is required. In the world of high competition organisations would like to attract every segment of customers so it uses traditional marketing communications as well as new forms of marketing communication. Though the method or approach towards communication varies from one form of communication to the other but the ultimate goal is to send the campaign to the customer. So, all these marketing communications are integrated together to form a single strategy of marketing communication.

Hungry Jacks also employed integrated marketing communication as a marketing strategy. It introduced several campaigns to attract customers, it triggered word of mouth campaign by launching an offer of shake and win on mobile app. Through this offer whenever a customer is within 1km radius of Hungry Jacks store then the customer with the mobile app can open the app and shake the mobile then an exciting deal is offered at a low price. This offer has triggered word of mouth campaign and resulted in more people downloading the app and utilising the offer. It had brought in new customers to the store as well as average of visits by the customer also increased.

In my view it used YouTube to the fullest extent possible by showing an ad on almost every video streamed online on the YouTube. Whenever I watch videos on YouTube a Hungry Jacks ad appear at the start of the video sometime in between the streaming. As the length of ad just last for very few seconds I don’t get irritated and the message is conveyed.

Hungry jacks integrated its multi channel campaign “Nothing naughty about it” targeting women customers. This campaign was developed by Clemenger BBDO Sydney, during this campaign channels such as television, radio, magazine, mobile, online, and cinema advertising are used. Lifestyle and women’s magazine form a key component of the campaign (Campaign Brief Australia, 2016)

Through this campaign Hungry Jacks marketed its low fat burgers targeted for its women customers. Some women are reluctant to fast food but Hungry Jacks has something in its menu for everyone.

Facebook has been wonderful in campaigns,through the Facebook campaign they marketed their products at a faster rate and the ability of social media to take feedback from the customers had prompted them to offer Tender Grill chicken burger vouchers for just $1.

Follow the link for Hungry Jacks facebook page

Different channels used to campaign the product costs differently and in the same manner the impact of the channel also differs. Social Media is not expensive but the impact is high.

Hungry Jacks has used integrated marketing communication to market its brand of burger and fast food well but it is difficult to identify which campaign has actually brought the customer to the restaurant every time. But the fact that everyone has to agree is using an integrated marketing communication has worked for Hungry Jacks so is for other successful brands but the approach has to be different each time in different channels as television provide only brief whereas, news article or magazine provides the detailed product information.

So, it’s an era of integrated marketing communications across business segments.




Campaign Brief Australia. (2016). Hungry Jack’s targets women in new campaign launching today via Clemenger BBDO, Sydney. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 May 2016].

lacobucci, D. (2013). MM4. Mason, Oh.: South-Western College Publishing.


Authored By: Mohammed Liyaqath Ali

User Name: liyaqath09

Student ID: 215411643








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