Coca-Cola Life launched with Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is one of the strategy which every small or big companies are applying to make their product hit in the market. Integrated marketing refers to promoting of a product by using the combination of traditional and modern marketing strategies and channels. Integrated marketing is also defined as delivering the right message to consumers by using different media and communication channels altogether. The latest example is of the company, Coca Cola which is known as the one of largest non-alcoholic manufacturer in the world. In the year 2013, the company had launched its new soft drink product Coca Cola Life which is similar kind of Diet Coke or Coke Zero in a very different and unique way. Coca Cola launched this product to cater the need of customers that are tending towards healthy drink products.CCL_1_840-740x569

How Integrated Marketing Applied

Coca Cola first launched the campaign in the year 2013 in South America. The product launched with green labelled with the tag line “Sweetness from Natural Sources”. The marketing team of Coca Cola has not unturned any stones in making the product hit in the market by using integrated marketing communication approach. The campaign was launched across 7000 outdoor locations like Buses, Billboards, Digital Billboards across Argentina. Along with the traditional marketing approach, Coca Cola also backed its marketing activity with print and digital media. In addition to that, the company also launched campaigns where they offered chance of winning Coca Cola Life Prize. Furthermore, the company also opened the campaign online by using hashtags #CocaColaLife for those who were not capable to become the part of live event. So, it can be said that the company has applied all marketing channels from News Paper to Radio and Television and Internet and Live Events in which people can engage or associate themselves with the product.

Objective of Using Integrated Marketing in Promotion of Coca Cola Life

The integrated marketing was used in the launch of Coca Cola Life for the achievement of following objectives which were duly achieved by Coca Cola at a great extent.

  1. Creating awareness of the product in the market-The primary objective of Coca Cola in doing of integrated marketing for its product Coca Cola life was to create awareness in the market. Creating of product awareness is very necessary for a small or big company to successfully run the products in the highly competitive market.
  1. Associating targeted customers with the demanded product-The next objective of Coca Cola in opting of integrated marketing communication was to make associate the targeted customer (health conscious) with Coca Cola Life. Due to this reason, in every marketing campaign and media the company were highlighting the same tag line “Sweetness from Natural Sources”. Moreover, in print and digital media, the company was also communicating that the product includes 35% less calories than other colas.
  2. Creating product trial attitude among targeted customers-Coca Cola used integrated marketing communication strategy as it was entering into new market of health drinks which getting popular day by day among the health conscious people.

Overall Response of Integrated Marketing Communication Approach for Coca Cola Life

The response of Integrated Marketing communication for Coca Cola Life was prove to be tremendous for the company as it has set the benchmarks for the other companies. The IMC approached helped Coca Cola to bring Coca Cola Life on Shelves Nationwide. The company has seen record breaking sales and revenue after the product launch of Coca Cola Life. Along with the sales and revenue, the company also has been seeing strong growth in brand recognition, customer loyalty and brand positioning of its product in the market.

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