Social Media Marketing Will Be More Effective With These Tricks

First and foremost, please have a time to take a look at the slides below. It will tell you the impact of social media as Integrated Marketing Communications today .

*Do not focus to all slides, just take a look where Australia belongs in technology*

It become common when the existence of various social media nowadays had been used for business development purposes. With the concept of a modernization with uniqueness, modern businessman trying to convey the vision and mission of their business through social media that widely used by various communities at different economic levels. This is indeed quite unique and creative, considering that social media has become a medium of information also a new force of integrated marketing communications, it is very effective and able to influence the perception of many people.

Although using social media is a definite business strategy, we would have to understand the essence of using social media for modern society. Through the common perception by users of other social media, we can find out about the expectations of the business products. Well, to ensure that we become more creative and careful in using social media as marketing tools, let’s learn this few following tricks:

1. Define The Right Media Type For The Right Target

Who will be the target in marketing the product? Are they social media users among students, or young executives, or housewives etc.?

It certainly needed to be learned first. At some stage culinary products reach a wider market, while technology products with quite expensive price should be better focused to young executives with affordable economy status.

In addition, to decide where the target audience, we also have to focus on selecting the social media which is suitable to market the product. Use social media that has a lot of users like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We can also use forums webpage and portal that frequently used by internet users like Create mix elements that makes users feel comfortable with internet marketing for example, give a brief status posting on Twitter or Instagram to increase audience’s curiosity of the product that will make them interested.

2.  The Power of Creative Content

Exciting and creative content is a key to the success of marketing through social media. Exciting content will make internet users keen to always follow the information provided. Choose content elements with high possibility of getting viral. Internet users will feel excited to share interesting information with others.

Opportunities gained from the audience’s ‘share’ can increase number of other audiences in getting to know the information and the business products. In addition, try to create content that is short but compact to ensure that audiences do not feel lazy to read it.

3. Establish Effective Communication of Personal Network

Other than determining own business targets as well as select the type of content on social media, now it’s time to capitalize from the network around us. Having lots of Facebook friends, followers on Twitter and other social media is a positive start to introduce the business.

Try to update post, tweet or status internally so that they can learn more about the business products. This step may be effective when they get excited and want to share information with others. So, do not be bored to establish good relationship with social media contacts.

4. Choose The Right Side

Selecting the right influence can make the process more effective. People who actively engaged with social media established a delivery style which is exciting and can attract a lot of followers. Marketers can work with these people to promote business effectively through social media.

Like example, when establishing a culinary business, it is important to establish a good relationship with food-blogger and inform regarding product varieties and advantages of the business. Thus food-bloggers will certainly keen to spread the culinary products as he is able to convince a lot of people about the advantages and taste of the products.

By: Aizat Sabtu (214360457)


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