Integrated Marketing Communication of McDonald

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) means  coordinating promotional efforts using major communication strategies. The effective IMC is involved a blend of the elements, like advertising, sales promotion, public relations, events and so on. The key point of marketing planning is to allow all media to have an overarching theme towards target markets (Iacobucci, 2014). McDonald presents the effective IMC, which can be seen as a good example to examine how proper IMC strategies assist with organisation achieving communicational objectives.

How McDonald Implements IMC

‘Sing the Same Song’ in the Market

Iacobucci (2014) discussed that the delivered message cross the media should be same to affect a common strategies. The target audiences of McDonald are the teens and adults who need quick meal, and family with young children. Based on those elements, McDonald implements its communication strategies.

Media strategy

TV Advertising

McDonald’s TV advertising in Australia shows the emotional story that engages in the target consumers, which is related to the family relationship, and it will inspire the family emotion thus attracting more families’ interest. Emotional ads heighten positive feelings, thus enhancing consumers’ thoughts on ads credibility; it also can affect their attitudes towards the brand (Changjo & MacInnis, 2005). The design of TV ads should be vivid, dramatic and emotional appeals (Iacobucci, 2014).

Out Of Home (OOH) – Billboard

Iacobucci (2014) explained the billboards, such as the ads on buses, subway ads and so on, can cover the local numbers effectively and broadly. McDonald has had many memorable ads at OOH billboards which engage in the target audiences who are young people to need quick meal.

MC'S billbroad AD

Beyond Ads-The Sales Promotion

Iacobucci (2014) mentioned that the strategy of IMC is not only focused on the traditional ads, but also can be implemented on the other channels. For instance, a good sales promotion can keep customers’ loyalty. A series of promotional campaigns are employed by McDonald, such as sending out the premiums and coupons .Many coupon books are sent out every few months by McDonald’ promotional campaigns. In addition, it can be a good example that integrating the sales promotion with the print media, in which consumers can find and obtain the coupon books on newspaper, magazines, even the back of recipe. McDonald’s promotional campaigns are no longer limited in the restaurant, it is employed by the other media channel broadly that presents the effective IMC and diversifies the marketing communications.

MC's coupons

Beyond Ads- Public Relationships

The responsibilities of IMC include communicating with not only its target markets, audience, but also the external publics, like community, shareholders, sponsors and government (Iacobucci, 2014). One responsibility of PR members is to release anything newsworthy immediately, which aims to enhance the positive brand and images. McDonald is successful in PR strategy, for example, they care about the wellbeing of family and children, ‘Ronald McDonald House Charities’ was set up in 1974, the mission is to support and access to resources for families with sick children around the world by implementing the program of ‘steps away from a hospital’. It impacts the life of 6 million families and children in communities. Obviously, it is noteworthy that McDonald’s PR strategy is also closely related to its target audiences who are family with children.


Overall, McDonald’s IMC choices are successful, which achieves its marketing goals by integrating brand message with multiple media. All media and messages have an overarching theme, having the same song towards target audience and market. It enhances the consumer attitudes and loyalty, and strengthens their preferences.

MC's IMC plan

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