IMC lessons from Mr. Donald Trump

Do you see an advertisement once and it sticks in your head for a long time? Does it feel like everywhere you go, it follows you? This is because that company decided to go the integrated marketing way for brand promotion. It is called Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) mix strategy.

“An on-going, interactive, cross-functional process of brand communication planning, execution, and evaluation that integrates all parties in the exchange process in order to maximize mutual satisfaction of each other’s wants and needs” – (Duncan and Mulhern, 2004, p.9)

Let’s learn the integrated marketing mix from the 2016 Republican presidential candidate for the USA- Mr. Donald Trump.

1.Sales Promotion – Be across various media channels to reach the target audience.

Mr. Trump has managed to utilize the reach of different media channels and his own business power to engage with the US citizens. His propaganda is visible on all advertising platforms, print, radio, television or social media. It is common for brands to adopt such practices to engage their target audience. Since the target audience for Mr. Trump is the entire country, he is tapping all the resources.

                                                                             Ad Schedule







 2. Advertising­ – Build interest that converts to desire, leading to a purchase

All his advertisements (posters, website, videos, radio, etc) are of blue and red imagery with “Make America Great Again’’ slogan. His speaking tone and facial expressions too are easily recognisable . This creates easy decoding of his messages in a simple manner.An advertisement has a purpose of effectively creating product awareness through different emotions of a human being- happiness, laughter, sadness or even fear. Have a look at this ad below. It is using fear of crime and terrorism in USA to influence voters.


3.Public Relations– Deliver product information with methods that have favourable impact on the company or the brand

Mr. Trump’s history of being a public figure and his clear, sharp and somewhat brutal comments always keep him in the limelight. The reason why people tend to incline towards his views is because he speaks directly to them in their language. Not everyone might like it but still find it true.His technique: Simple messages, real time social media reaction and straight forward responses.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


4.Direct Marketing – Communicate directly with potential customers

Donald Trump paid $487,597.34 to Wizbang solutions to access expertise in direct mail (, March 7, 2016), which very less in terms of the US election marketing spending. Analysis shows, he has a list of less than half a million emails, which is very much less than his opponents. Probably he is not very concerned about these lists and prefers the other means of communications.But his deliverability is 95.3% (, January 6, 2016). In terms of percentage, more people are reading his emails.



5. Personal Selling ­- Communicate with customers when a product is complicated, expensive or a major buying decision.

We like an employee explaining to us the pros and cons of a product to help make an informed choice. Elections are complicated and voters have to know each candidate’s ideologies, agendas and how they are going to shape the country for its citizen. The Trump rallies are the best way for him to directly interact and deliver his message to convince voters to vote for him. He makes hard hitting comments about USA’s drawbacks and tell his voters how he intends to tackle them. Even his supporters play a he role in this.

Measuring the effects


Source: UpshotNYT,

Have a look at the chart above comparing the media coverage bought by the candidates and the free coverage earned. He is getting his return on investment, after all he is a businessman. You can see it is clearly working for him!




Aakash Mehta- 214176608 (ahmeh2015)

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