Integrated marketing communications:

It is way of approach to achieve the objectives of a marketing campaign, by using different promotional methods. It can be print media, social media, advertisements, hoardings, personal selling and any other marketing method. (Business dictionary)

T he main objective of any company is to take their brand into customers for sustainability of their firm and product. It can be done by following different marketing campaigns, but according to integrated marketing communications; it tells that use different methods of sources to take the brand into customers but the sound and message should be same so that it reaches all classes and levels of customers with a single view.



                                             Samsung which is the largest producer of mobile phones in the world has followed the integrated marketing communications strategy when they launched Samsung S4 series in 2013. They are the leading in mobile sales and launching number of models from low range to high range where all the classes of people can afford to buy.

But there has been a problem occurred to the company when they have launched their S3 series where all the reviews they got from the critics and customers were bad as there is nothing new in the mobiles and the features are same as their earlier mobile series. So many other competitors have launched their at that point of time and no one has noticed their specially and there is no space for comparison also.



SAMSUNG innovatively launched its product through all the possible factors which comes under integrated marketing mix that is; advertising, public relations, sales promotion and direct marketing.

A brief on its innovative integrated marketing communications strategy:

In a shopping mall which is located in Zurich, Samsung has started an innovative campaign for the S4 series promotions. The promotion campaign has been a huge success and has been awarded as the best promotional event of the year in 2013.



The campaign is that; there was a promotional board located in the centre of the shopping mall and decorated the surrounding area to get the attention of the people who comes to the mall. From the above photo we can see the gathering and the fun that was generating at that point of time. The task was that each individual should come and stare at the promotional board for one minute with closing their eyes. The campaign people will disturb them with different activities like shouting around them, bike racing, dog barking and making them laugh and all sought of thing to disturb them, but they should stare at the board without looking sides and closing their eyes whatever happens around them. If anyone wins they get a ticket from the machine board and they can get a free S4 phone from any Samsung store.


From the campaign that was initiated by Samsung is innovative and more expressive of their objective. They targeted younger generation to get influenced by the promotion. Here the advertising was done in an effective manner which has been passed by word of mouth throughout the world about the innovative campaign.

The video of the campaign was uploaded in social media which has got “4.1 million views, 19582 likes and 136180 shares on YouTube” which is a record for a promotional campaign through social media.

The company had a contact with Humaima Malick a popular actress as brand ambassador for S4 which was a major success key factor for the promotion of the product.

The campaign helped the company to get closer public relation with the people as the younger generation was excited with the promotions of the product. This helped company to reach the product to the targeted market easily.

The advertisement of the product is designed in a cognitive manner where it contained the emotions of humor, joy, excitement and contains a strong message that it was designed especially for the younger generations.

It was a direct marketing method where the company started a campaign and took the product into the customers in a innovative manner and it can also be named as personal selling.

From the above marketing strategies we can tell that, Samsung has achieved in applying integrated marketing communications strategy to promote their product. This helped the company to achieve their target in sales and services of the product. They promoted through various Medias like social and direct campaigns and gave a sound message to the targeted market about the product and its benefits.


  Submitted by: Sarath Sanka (215182704)




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