Cinco de Mayo!!!

Mad MexGoing all the way back in 2007, when Mad Mex Australia was first opened on a crowded Crown Street in Sydney, this latino flavour inspired franchise has prided itself since for delivering “la famillia” Mexican cuisine, with a fun twist of funkiness and fresh produce (MAD MEX, 2016). 

So you might wonder what is it to do with Cinco de Mayo or what is even Cinco de Mayo? Trust me, I never heard of this Spanish mayonnaise either before meeting a few Latino-Americans, so what exactly is that you may ask?


Listen up amigos, this is a little history class for who are not familiar with the Mexican’s background, “Cinco de Mayo” has been celebrated since 1862 as the Mexicans fought to protect their city, and consequently snatched an unexpected win against the French Army. Mad Mex cleverly incorporates this significant Mexican holiday with a BIG BURRITO food challenge that everyone adores. This campaign was initially introduced back in 2011, and attracted numerous attentions from the public, as well as the social media platform (MAD MEX, 2016).

The Big Burrito Campaign is fairly straightforward that is taken place in May annually. This thus gathers many contestants each year to attempt its double portion burritos, which weights 1KG without any time limit. The rule’s pretty simple, all you need to do is to demolish a 1kg burrito without any time constraint, and you can attempt the challenge as a solo contestant or as a group of amigos (Mad Mex, 2016).

BIg Burrito                                       1KG

This Mexican cuisine franchise cultivates a tremendous operation in spreading out its message to its existing and potential customers as it demonstrates the 3 key components of communication consisting of encoding message, message, and decoding message. The company itself carries an exclusive identification, in conjunction with a BOLD statement of celebrating this Mexican holiday through an eating competition. The message is perceived positively, as it raises an overwhelming awareness particularly from Gen X and Gen Y due to their adventurous attitude. Additionally, Suncorp Bank (2014) also reinforced that Australia enjoys dining out way too frequently.

Through its well-established social media platforms, Mad Mex has developed a solid foodie fan base, who eagerly looks forward to smashing the challenge every year. 37% of social media users  increased drastically from 2011 to 2012 (Katona & Sarvary, 2014) This indicates that interaction between the company and its consumers on social media such as FacebookTwitter, and Instagram have a huge impact on the success of this competitive eating event. As a further matter, this firm utilises these online pipelines to consistently praise its customers for attempting the challenge by posting photos of them with the Mexican wrestler masks on.

This big burrito challenge won’t finish until the 5th of June (Hospitality Magazine, 2016), so que esperas, amigos? go grab yourself a burrito and Cinco de Mayo!!!

Student Name: Fraser Kaorn Hour
Student ID: 212389574


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