Power of the Social Media Marketing

Iacobucci (2014) suggested that the good integrated marketing communication could help companies to better promote their products and services, and therefore, to have better sales revenue. It appears that the technology development could have great influence over the development of the integrated marketing communication strategies, which the internet and social media provide the marketers more market communication channels to conduct their integrated marketing communication practices.

As Kim and Ko (2012) suggested, the online advertising and the social media marketing could help marketers to improve the efficiency of their marketing strategies, as such marketing communication channel is cost efficiency, faster, and could reach much more target audiences. As long as the target customers would mostly have their internet access, the social media could help to provide great marketing outcomes to the marketers.

The Old Spice smell like a man campaign could be the success story of how social media could help marketers to quickly increase their brand awareness and to influence the customers to make their purchase decisions. Since YouTube is an internet video platform that can be accessed worldwide, and it has large user base, to develop the advertising video clips and post on YouTube could quickly draw great attentions from the customers all over the world. As O’Leary and Wasserman (2010) reported, the interesting advertising for Old Spice has drawn large number of views for such advertising, and it quickly lets the customers know the brand, and have their intention to make the purchase.  According to O’Leary and Wasserman (2010), with the millions of view for the company’s advertising each day, the company’s sales revenue has experienced the large and fast increase. The company’s sales revenue has been increased by 55% in just three months, which could be the good evidence for such success. Since social media has the relatively cheaper costs and it could cover wider geographic area, this could be suitable for the medium size company like Old Spcie, which has the relatively lower budget in marketing. Also, the wider geographic coverage enable the company to promote its products in the large countries such as US, as well as the worldwide customers. In fact, I know many of my friends now such advertising, and they told me this is how they know such brand. In such case, the good selection of the marketing communication channel can be the most important factor that contributes to the success of this marketing campaign.


Also, the good development of the advertising could be another factor that could contribute to the success of this marketing campaign. It appears that the advertising in this case uses the strong and good looking male actor to promote the product, so that the customers who want to be the man like this advertising actor would have the strong intention to make their purchase for such product. On the other hand, the advertising in this case is very funny to look at, so that it could attract the target audiences to view such advertising. For example, the company has posted dozens of the advertising clips, and each video clips could easily draw millions of hits. Therefore, this could encourage more customers to view such advertising, and therefore, be influenced to make their purchases.


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Iacobucci, D 2014, Marketing Management (MM4), South-Western, Cengage Learning, Mason.

Kim, AJ and Ko, E 2012, ‘Do social media marketing activities enhance customer equity? An empirical study of luxury fashion brand’, Journal of Business Research, vol.65, no.10, pp.1480-1486.

O’Leary, N & Wasserman, T 2010, ‘Old Spice Campaign Smells Like a Sales Success, Too’, AD Week (July 25), viewed on 8th April, 2016, from http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/old-spice-campaign-smells-sales-success-too-107588.


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