The importance of product and brand strategy

The success of a company depends on the marketing management strategy that have to pay attention to the quality of the product.  The product is not only goods, but also includes services, people, places, organizations, information and ideas. Whether a company provides product to meet the consumers demand determines the success or failure of the company. This fact clearly embodied in the Apple Inc.

Apple’s philosophy is to provide high quality & personalized goods and services for customers. The current situation is the global electronic product market fierce competition. Apple’s competitors are launching electronic product that are significantly lower price. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook call these competitors as the“junk market”, for Apple, they are non-threat. Apple continues to provide high standards of quality goods and services, and refused to follow the tideway to pursue the most advanced technology. The reason is that it may lead to consumer operating device more complex and unfriendly. This is Apple’s ‘great product’ strategy that focuses on quality over quantity. Compared with Samsung, it tend to produce cheap and low-end products, even though it occupied a large market share, it must rely on has diversified product mix to attract consumers within a short period of time. Instead, Apple’s focuses on selected products and loyal customer group to continue improve them. Apple preferred to stick to what it does best. In addition, Apple product development team has complete plan about product refreshes and updates. It retains the best parts of the old versions, with the “problematic” features corrected or improved. Other companies’ response to these changes may be “give them new products”. Apple products cater to anyone that can seek to the maximum value of the product. It pays more attention to the product with excellent after-sale service and applications software support. It closes to the users to ensure that the customer experience is always positive.



Apple Inc. has successfully established brand in the global market, and it memorable logo has been etched deeply in consumer awareness. Its brand strategy focuses on the emotions. The core of brand is people. The pursuit of brand is to simplify and removal of complexity from people’s lifestyle. Hence, people drive product design to achieve humanized brand personality. In the past few years, Apple has committed to create value for customers and customer franchise. For example, the preference for Apple products amongst the “Mac community” becomes main product line, and this is what other brands don’t have. This feature is not only beneficial to consumers, but also makes the company to maintain higher than the competitor’s pricing. Moreover, Apple never misses a chance to hold on to every potential customer, and giving consumers direct experience of Apple’s brand values by retail stores that provides professional help from the “Genius Bars”. This is a brand unique service.


(Apple Inc. -2014)

The success of Apple brand has also become an umbrella. The best example is the launch of the Apple Watch and Apple Pay. Although it’s new product and no market awareness, under the Apple brand umbrella, product quickly accepted by consumers and good sales performance. Apple Inc. has built stronger brand association, but it doesn’t have negative influence between different production line, such as, IPhone 6+ has bad sales, it won’t affect Mac Air sales situation. Brand effect brought a lot of benefits and brand equity for Apple.


A successful business is not enough to have good product and brand image. For Apple, innovation and development of new products is the way to survive in the future. The following figure shows that new product development reasons:



When all of the data showed a negative state, Apple Inc. will launch new product. Of course, each product both has life cycle. It is divided into 4 phases:


(Apple Inc.-2011)

When sales of products arrival the decline phase, Apple have to release new product to stimulate market sale. For this reason, it launched IPhone SE and Ipad Pro in the last month. Because the company has suffered a sharp fall in IPhone 6&6 plus. In order to consolidate market share and brand position, it must have new products to attract the attention of consumers. Return to a small size screen products is to cater to consumer preferences. All in all, according to the analysis, we found that Apple’s marketing strategy is to adhere to the people-centered principle, it successfully get the consumer loyalty.



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