Coca-Cola Integrated Marketing Communications


With the advent of the era of digital, Integrated marketing communications (IMC) has become more and more important for organization. It exists in a variety of forms: normal advertising, sales promotion, direct response and public relations. In order to achieve the organization’s plans and goals, it should use the different media to achieve and identify the effectiveness of the promotional mix.

The Coca-Cola Company is a worth learning model on applying IMC strategy. It is mainly the use of the mass media methods: print advertising, banner ads and TV advertising. Advertising is one of the most direct ways of marketing. The Coca-Cola Company use a marketing mix of advertising strategy to promote products, moreover, it based on the social media and Web interactive for sales promotion and marketing. The Coca Cola Company advertising is very iconic. In history of the Coca Cola company, it has created various advertising that has a significant impact on the society and culture. The packaging design of the product has become the indispensable brand and image. Coca-Cola has repeatedly been ranked No.1 in soft drink all over the world. It’s the result of their aggressive advertising. What’s important, Coca-Cola is the first soft drink brand to appear in the space (Hartlaub, 2015). For marketing of direct, the Coca Cola Company uses strategy of the exclusive, for example, it make some restaurants and cinemas to only sell their products, eliminate direct competition. Furthermore, mobile marketing is one of the ways; the Coca-Cola Company publicity personalized promotional activities by send out text message and rely on word-of-mouth communication from customers (Wilkin, 2009). Due to the rapid development and popularization of science and technology, Web and social media marketing channel has constituted the industry standard. Social media channels has helped the brand to accumulate over 86 millions loyal consumers, it has a different strategy that provide individual social networking sites. But their purpose and message is to maintain consistent. Web based interactive marketing is paid attention to functionality and design, and then, it rely on video, banners and public relations. Online games, the Coca-Cola Company Website content paid attention on the new products, cultural, social, sporting events and charity (Darakeva, 2013). Nowadays, the Coca-Cola Company outstanding achievement is well recognized.


(Coca Cola Company- 1990)

The Coca-Cola Company sales promotion is aimed at 2 categories of products: food service and retail. Food service focuses on Coke with food pairing, to optimize the role of the menu and the characteristics of specialty beverages. For example, McDonald’s every meal should match Coca-Cola soft drink.  Retail is to get the cooperation between the companies, it includes point-of-sale (POS) techniques and direct store delivery. For POS, we’re the most common form is a cooler with brand logo for in-store sales and ubiquitous vending machines with typical brand logo and theme. On the other hand, direct store delivery is an important link in the value chain system. This approach provides mobile advertising opportunities, the company printed brand logo in the bright red delivery trucks. The resultant international presence of Coca-Cola is a direct outgrowth of the advertising marriage, direct marketing, Web based interactive & social media marketing and sales promotion efforts. These included in their IMC efforts in past years.


(Coca Cola Company- 2004)

For assessing the Coca Cola company media effectiveness, it can be done in a single brand. It can be assessed media metrics, for instance, equivalency of advertising, journalists host statistical figures and published the number of articles etc. For market share, the Coca-Cola Company has promoted and sold their products in over 200 countries, and employs more than 140 thousands. It has no doubt become the market leader.


(Coca Cola Company- 2015)

All in all, Coca-Cola Company IMC strategy is remarkable achievements, it record sales and revenue, brand awareness, recognize degree and position on the global market has become the top of the industrial chain.




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