Australian Open-The Outstanding Work on Integrated Marketing Communications


Source: Australian Open Twitter

The Australian Open is a major tennis tournament in the world and also is the first of four Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year. The other three Grand Slams are French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. This four Grand Slam have different style and operation system to maintain the events working even making profit on the events.Therefore, this four Grand Slams have different and unique methods of integrated marketing communication. according to the SPORTS360 ( (Abulleil, 2016), the Australian Open was in the terrible position on the event financial management during the past decade, however in 2016 Australian Open created a record revenues which involved ticket sale, sponsorship and media right and had 30 different sponsors to maintain the event. Maybe, someone will wondering how come the Australian Open can survive and make huge profit on the event, even the Australian Open was under serious threat of relocation?  The truth is that the integrated marketing communications (IMC) was playing a significant role in Australian Open. 



Integrated components

The whole Australian Open has not just only tennis matches and also has many small events to attract people to notice Australian Open. This is obviously that the more attractive events were hold the more people attract from it. Therefore, integrated components played important role in the Australian Open.The integrated components used by Australian Open is that they used many types of media as a method to generate the event exposure such as television advertising, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Of course, the Australian Open also did some advertising on the courts side such as sponsor banner. But, IMC was not just operate when the whole Australian Open started, therefore IMC  has to operate before the game start even few months before. We can know all the information about the Australian Open through media online or on the television even at the bus stop before the game start.


Sponsors corporation

through listing Australian Open’s sponsor the major sponsors is KIA and associate sponsors are ANZ and JACOB’S CREEK, moreover in 2016 Australian Open has 27 official partners. Because the Australian Open has many sponsors and partners, therefore the Australian Open has responsible to the sponsors and partners, they hold many events outside the court for example, KIA is the official sponsor and  the official car of the Australian Open also used KIA’s vehicle, to promoting KIA’s vehicle the Australian Open held the event which called “KIA open drive” and invited famous players took a ride in KIA’s vehicle and recorded it. It is really funny and interesting to watch when they recorded and posted on the YouTube and this event was not only for KIA but also promoted the whole Australian Open. In additionally, the Australian Open also has many vendors for their sponsors outside the court such as  Heineken, Wilson and Woolworth. The Australian Open sales their official products through their shop outside the court and their official website, too.

Of course, we all knew the Australian Open is the youngest Grand Slam tennis tournament compare to the other three Grand Slam tournaments. Even though, the Australian Open had some issue on their financial in the past ten years but recent years the Australian Open used many integrated marketing communications strategies and they successfully use those strategies to solved the problems. Now, the Australian Open is not just tennis games but also represent a Grand Slam tournament with diversify events and activities which can attract more people to come the tournament. After all, the Australian Open is a classic  successful case which combine sports event and integrated marketing communications.

By Bin-An Hsiao

Username: binanhsiao

Student ID:214321149

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