How multiple choices affects consumers


Ever since the invention of the internet, globalisation has become something we don’t really think about, its just a “Part of life” now. Because of the wide choices we have as consumers, it becomes very tricky to research on what makes a consumer go out of their way to pay for certain products, pay extra for certain products more than the rest.

Having choices reflect the way we think about certain products as consumers, lets take the example of “Beats” by Hip Hop  artist and producer Dr Dre shall we?


Now, these are decent quality headphones with good audio input and good effects. The price of these headphones has an average around 200 dollars US or 350 dollars Australian. What makes this case interesting is that its not the quality of the headphones which makes people buy them, its the fact that the marketing done for these headphones is so to the point very very flattering that it makes consumers feel like they need to buy these headphones to “up” their social status. the average production cost for a pair of “beats” is around 20 dollars US. and the selling price is at a 100 percent mark up.

Even though Beats have a decent design and are decent quality headphones, the main reason behind their high sales and demand lie on the fact that the marketing strategies used by the marketing team has a really wide appeal, Beats are designed for the fashion culture and not the audio culture.

Many audiophiles rejected the headphones from day one citing issues such as the headphones not being properly tuned like the other high end headphones. They’ve found a golden niche and have stuck to it, combining fashion with technology, expanding their product into a mass market.

beats marketing

What makes it so easy for Dr Dre and the team over at Beats to control almost 70 percent of the premium headphone’s market is the fact that they try and understand what the consumers want, and then they make it. It also helps that Dr Dre being a pop icon has connections in the Hollywood industry, endorsements by artists and sports stars alike, a few examples include Robin Thicke, LiL wayne & LeBron James.

Co-Marketing deals also play a huge deal in the success of Beats as a company, with them getting enough publicity by putting Beats audio in products ranging from HP laptops, to chryster’s 300 series.

One example of this effective marketing by using celebrities includes the entire US olympic Basketball team wearing Beats Headphones on their ears while walking to the court during the 2008 olympics.

Here are five Key strategies that were taken up by beats to become the strong global brand that they are today.

In conclusion, Beats has done a very impressive job of understanding what a consumer looks for in a product such as the headphones, with the use of slogans such as “hear what the artists hear” they have made it possible for their product to not only stand out as an accessory of fashion but also a item of prestige and pride.

By Abhishek Mujumdar



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