What would you do if you are attracting the wrong Customers.

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From This 


To This




Yes, This two different styles were under one Brand House , these two different styles were made by the same company Burberry.

A long-established well known British company synonymous with English culture Burberry was founded in 1856.

old_burberry_publicity_by_depoi-d3fyht0It mostly targeted the high end of the market and the upper class segment for years. The most famous feature of its different lines was the beige tartan plaid, whenever you see this colours and the brand name you will attribute that to being part of the aristocrat class and the upper class (Fletcher, Richard 2011).

But as the 20th century moved into the 21st, Burberry begun to extend it self  going beyond trench coats and umbrellas attributes. the company wanted to cash in on its famous well established brand that was a dream far from reach for many segments(Holly Heller 2011).

By the time the company went global Burberry beige tartan plaid was plastered on every clothing item or accessory that could sell and make money.

The company’s brand strategy was Branded Housewhere it extended its product lines under one brand name, to meet the new segments needs and affordability issues.

without a clear vision the brand name suffered, though the brand reached new segments it lost its Position, its no longer the classy brand that attract the upper class, its no longer attributed to the classy people and to make matters worse Burberry was more closely associated with England’s gangster culture than with tea and crumpets.

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Things went wrong and the brand was being avoided by its main historical target. The Brand Attributes changed, now its attributed to football hooligans and gang lifestyle, Burberry was in real trouble and had to do something about it (John Kotter,2013).

So, how did Burberry turn things around?

When a company is in trouble a well planned and well executed rebranding is a needed tool to bring the company to the right track or even better, famous brands such as Target and Old Spice went through branding overhaul and succeeded.

A successful branding overhaul would bring allot of benefits to the company including

  • Connect With a New Audience and also getting the historical segment back
  • setting the segmentation, targeting and positioning right to seperate the brand from the bad attributes.
  •  new marketing campaign and endorsement to create new faces to the brand.

Lets fast forward to when the change begun

  • The company Hired a transformative CEO Angela Ahrendts and a new global design director.
  • the use of popular models such as Emma Watson, Kate Moss and now David Beckham’s son Romeo.
  • Considering and discussing the Brand attributes and values, this was where Burberry got rid of its attribution to gang lifestyle and football hooligans.
  • Reducing the Products under its Brand umbrella that carry its signature patterns and refocusing on a striking new fashion trends.


Angela Ahrendts succeeded in turning Burberry around and change the brand perception among their main target . Burberry now is a high end Brand attributed to classy lifestyle, actually more a luxury brand. Now its described as one of the top digital luxury brands. Now the company is clear about where to position it self and its segments, i can feel like its representing high end lifestyle. The company has adapted New E-commerce strategy and now operate fully digital end to end and achieved wider reach to Global markets like Asia(Rupert Neate,2013).

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