A Brand That changed Life to iLife!

In case you’re a fan of apple products and you adore perusing Apple news, you’ll cherish today’s writings.

Product: Apple Watch

Though there are many products in apple, I particularly choose this product to write about because, this is completely new invention of apple which makes it to have a competitive advantage over its competitors. While the rest of the companies could race with usual products like mobiles, pc and tablets, apple took a bold step to mark its footprints in modern era of smart-watches. Have you felt lazy to take phone which is lying few yards away? Have you ever found difficult to answer your calls while driving? Have you ever dreamt of your watch performing way more than just displaying the time? If you have answered “yes” to the above questions then you should definitely purchase an apple watches. It is a physical device obviously tied in your wrist through which you can manage your calls, texts, mails and many more (Stein, 2015). It has many special features like Wi-Fi, fitness tracking, apply-pay, wireless headphones, Bluetooth etc. Apple watches come with interchangeable straps which makes it cool and colourful.





Brand: Apple

People were hankering for the revolutionary computer and mobile devices since the time the technology have been advanced. Further, the demands were rapidly increasing for an incredible range of computer & mobile systems with cutting – edge security. Taking all these factors into consideration, apple has been launching an innovative range of products to surpass the expected needs. Now, apple has changed the era of mobile and computer technology. Further, being fuelled by inspirations, apple have been involving themselves in designing not just Avant- grade product but most reliable and user- friendly device. Apple products are highly valued in the market as it is paving an ideal way for a larger number of business and individuals to secure their data in an uncluttered manner.

Besides, apple’s aspirations have always been developing an astounding range of products to exceed the user’s utmost expectations. They still put forth their sincere efforts to deliver the dream come true product e every time. They gained a huge appreciation for delivering only the top -notch products. Have you ever wondered why most of the people have a craze to buy apple products? In which few of them don’t even know its full functionalities but still prefer to buy them. That’s the brand value of Apple, people consider it as a social status in possessing them.


New Product: iPhone 5SE

Tired of using bigger smartphones??Then iPhone 5SE- Special Edition, Small Edition, whatever you call it, is the best product you can get. I, personally never preferred holding the gigantic iPhone 6 plus. I might stay with the iPhone 6. But to get the benefit of the latest versions of software, one’s phone should be updated, which cannot be achieved without purchasing the latest model of iPhone (iPhone 6 s plus).  As per a review conducted by Cnet, iPhone 5/5s is considered as the most compact one (Stein, 2014). How about designing a phone with all the latest specifications (specifications of iPhone 6s plus) in a size that everyone would love it hold it? Really cool isn’t it! That’s all about iPhone 5SE for you. As it is, the iPhone 5SE is not “The New iPhone” it’s just a miniature of iPhone 6s Plus. It can also be named as iPhone 6S mini. The phone has recently launched and it’s going viral among all the small phone likers. Apple has proven that even going backwards for the sake of their customers can really make a big difference.



Name: Karthik Raagav

Student id: 214494634

user id: karthikvsv


Stein, S. (2014). Apple iPhone 6 review (updated): Apple Pay supercharges an already fantastic phone. [Online] CNET. Available at: http://www.cnet.com/au/products/apple-iphone-6/ [Accessed 24 Apr. 2016].

Stein, S. (2015). Apple Watch, one year in: A lower price, but still not a slam dunk. [Online] CNET. Available at: http://www.cnet.com/au/products/apple-watch/ [Accessed 24 Apr. 2016


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