The Samsung S7 Edge, the phone universe’s latest wonder..

According to the marketers a brand is a unique product, service, or a business, and branding is an act of inspiring a product, service, or business in the mind of a consumer or set of consumers. The effect may remain lifetime or as long as the consumer falls in that demographic group. Branding is not only about logo, color combination, tagline, ubiquity, or functions but it is also about the design and its features. For Example, Apple has verified that you don’t need to completely reinvent your mobile line-up to completely succeed for years but a few selected improvements here and there inside a similar shell can still make a tempting upgrade, and that’s what Samsung applied in its S7 edge. They took the blueprint of last years S6 edge and improved it in every sense from battery to camera to the stunning looks.


The achievement of any business does not depends upon the product quality wholly and solely rather depends on how efficient or effectively the value of the product or service is presented to the end users. So, when it comes to Samsung, it has taken a big leap in developing new product to satisfy its customers desires and wants. Some of the branding strategies used by Samsung are as follows:


  • Establishing identity on the product.
  • Cost involved in the re-positioning of the product.
  • Reaction from opponents or competitors.
  • Techniques adopted in costing.
  • Research and development (heart and soul of any business).


Coming to the new product Samsung recently launched is Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which is a perfect device which will be hard to beat for its competitors. Being an IPhone 6s user I would say that android phones are really good these days, if you really love something to code and test your code go for the android phone. In terms of using applications in android phones or IOS phones, android phones have vast range and choices of applications they want to use but not with the IOS phones, users have very limited choice to choose form the app store since all the apps are paid. So Samsung have an advantage over here compared to IPhone. Let’s talk about its design, camera quality, hardware and software.



s7 edge 2.jpg

Design hasn’t always been Samsung’s strong hold in the initial days, but Samsung has picked up after releasing Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and the design got much better with the launch of S7 edge. The new looks of Galaxy S7 edge have made IPhone 6s looks blocky, old fashioned and dated. Compared to IPhone 6s plus, S7 edge is narrower, shorter and lighter and can be used in one hand comfortably stretching thumb from one corner to the other. The S6 edge was difficult to hold for long period because of its curved edges and S6+ was simply to big, but S7 has overcome those drawbacks. In S7 edge there’s enough space between where curved screen stops and the back starts to grip and which is easy to hold for longer period. In simple words S7 edge is a beautiful piece in today’s date.



The S7 edge camera takes much clearer shots in difficult conditions than IPhone 6s plus. Auto-focus is also formidably fast due to dual pixel technology. As for the front camera the Galaxy S7 edge has 5-megapixels sensor and a wide-angle lens, which means it takes sharper and brighter selfies.




Samsung Galaxy S7 edge runs on two processors (Exynos 8 and Snapdragon 820 quad core) with 4GB RAM where as IPhone 6s plus runs on a single processor A9 64-bit dual core processor 2GB RAM. The processors in both the phones are almost the same at there individual levels and doesn’t make much difference at the end.

Following is the link of comparison between Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and IPhone 6s plus is

In the end I would say that Samsung has created a beast in smart phone era. So overall the phone is definitely seeming to pack a punch and now especially with the virtual reality tie up with oculus, having added a whole new experience to the android phone user, something that is extremely new. While there are a few hang up with the phone it’s an over easy handling phone with a good system and hardware to back it up. So if you are looking for a phone that basically ’almost’ does all, “The S7 Edge” is just what doctor ordered. Samsung has always dominated the Android market and have a good resale value. Thus the Samsung smart phones always dominate the second and third stage of product life cycle that is growth stage and maturity stage.



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By – Sagar Bhandarkar(sagarjb)

Student Id – 215353679.


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