The impact of brand image on perceived value and purchase intention–Adam Goodes appears in the new David Jones ad campaign

Brand equity ultimately resides in the mind of the consumer, when your brand is well known , has high brand awareness ,it is easily recognized in the marketplace and recalled when faced with a brand-related need. Well-known brands must also carefully what it is they represent: their image. (Netemeyer et al.2004).The brand’s image can recall the information and association with the brand stored in customer’s memory, when you see an ad or a spokesperson, recognition of the brand leads to the retrieval of these associations from memory. Especially, the competition in department stores, products and service which offered are relatively homogenous, many department stores through spokesperson, sponsorship to create a unique brand image in consumers, and to enhance the purchase intention of the customers (Erdem & Swait 2004).



David Jones has used models and “personalities” as a way of creating cut through in advertising in their brand. Recently ,David Jones made a decision of enlisting former Sydney swan star player AdamGoodes as their brand ambassador that was met with negative response. AdamGoodes appointment by DavidJones was a disappointment as a result of shoppers’ reactions more so in the social media.According to DavidJones statement, it stated how proud the retailer was proud to haveAdamGoodes a powerful and inspirational Australian join the retailer’s family of ambassadors. Adam featured in their launched campaign that was to work with the retailer’s on the reconciliation action plan and its wide corporate social responsibility program. Regardless of the negative feedback on the social media, there was also positive feedback from customers, staff, vendors and stakeholders’ appointment of the brand campaign.

In the social media more so in Face book people booed Adam Goodes  as a giant company’s ambassador where people went ahead on posting crazy comments on the basis of racism. People demonstrated a lot of hate which does not seem to be right. The retailer’s spokesman said that the company was disappointed by the reaction though it was much proud having Adam Goodes as one of their six ambassadors.

Consumer’s perceived value of brand will positively effect on consumer’s purchase intention of brand ,because branding triggers an emotional connection in consumers. If done well, product branding can be maintained and produce a solid, well-connected connection throughout the life of the product ( Keller 2008), In selection of an ambassador it all depends on the branding of the chain store that is the image and the reputation observed, valued and managed. In attempt of seeking favorable reputation David Jones hired Adam Goodes as an ambassador which in turn did not work. It made it hard for the store to acquire positive, powerful and solid reputation that would have become an asset of an enormous value.

David Jones if it had made choices of the perfect match of ambassadors with the target customers it would be easier to introduce new products to the market. If the target audience would have embraced AdamGoodes as an ambassador it would have contributed to deep understanding of customer needs, high performance of cost ratio of the product and also huge amount of marketing expenditure.

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