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Figure: Straight2voicemail

New product

It is very necessary understand the different processes that is necessary for the launch of a new product in the market. The first and foremost duty is to follow a detailed plan which includes consultation with the customers. With the ideal development of the process, it is possible to launch the product (VVF set to launch new products, 2006). With the proper planning of the processes it will be possible for the launching of the product. A suitable process of product development generally involves the generation of new ideas, with the refining of the ideas generated, surveying, testing, and generating the scope of further innovations (Annacchino, 2007). Despite the fact that this process describes a lineal sequence, it is sensible and   profitable for the organization to visit the previous stage of the process.

Generation of Idea

The concept of Straight2voicemail was created from a bottom up approach. Being a telecommunications engineer, Nick Black is considered as the innovator of the idea. The idea struck him after he spoke with a friend of his who is in real estate. Baker 2010 revealed that customer participation is the key to the launching as well as the success of   the product. It is necessary to understand the different factors that are essential for the launching of the product.

Working concept

As per the Straight2voicemail website, all seems quite easy and simple. Fundamentally it is necessary set up an online account, record a voicemail, upload the personal database of the chosen recipients, generate the campaign and with the click on send to complete the process.The concept works on algorithm base that involves the algorithm (Brody and Lord, 2000). It bypasses a phone’s alert to place message directly into the recipient’s inbox.

Lifecycle of the Product

Straight2voicemail is recently in the “Market Initiation” phase of its lifecycle of the product.This phase is more about introductory promotions, sharing information and persuades the place of marketing. This type of service offering customers a free account currently 20 free voicemails and attempt to promote to sign up them (Debelak, 2006).

Lifecycle of the product is based on technology and the industries are influenced constantly by some global competition and the continuous pressure to react to changes the technology and consumer wants.Straight2voicemail appears to be the Australian provider only of direct to messages of the voice mail at present.

The likely early adopters of Straight2voicemail?

As mentioned before, the main thought behind the Straight2voicemail idea of the service was received from the developers Real Estate friends.This service may also call to service providers who want to communicate with their customers about the new products (Kahn et al., 2013).

Reason to use Straight2voicemail

Above and beyond the apparent efficiencies of time saving, the main attraction is also in the personalization of the message. This Straight2voicemail service is much more personalized than sending messages through SMS, social media and email. This Straight2voicemail service is less intrusive than cold calling or telemarketing (Kapferer, 2008).

This Straight2voicemail service is an interesting statement which is taking into consideration that the usual click rate on emails or on any social media to broadcasting one message to many people at same time aren’t highly personalized and have only 22% of an average open rate.

Whereas, depending on an executives’ survey, around 62% people would give reply to a voicemail message prior to an email.


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