No one can compete with me, I am the original home-style recipe

Whenever we talk about world’s famous chicken restaurant chain, one name or brand comes to our mind.

Source: SihleBolaniComms

Source: SihleBolaniComms

KFC is considered very popular brand because of their unique and original home style recipe. No one can compete with KFC in terms of their crispy chicken. Colonels Harland Sanders laid the foundation of this popular chain.

In this modern era, where there is a huge competition among brands and it’s very difficult to create difference among them. Now what’s important is to develop authenticity or character. That’s why many brands resurrecting old mascots and faces to impart a sense of feelings associated with them because people buy feelings, not things. MacDonald (Ham burglar), Burger King (Kings Character) and KFC (Colonel Sanders Character).

Taste and preferences matter a lot in selection of food product. People develop their taste bud with time to time because they want something new and delicious which is totally different from the traditional. That’s why KFC always considering this important factor in mind and upgrades their menu.

Go Cup

Source: KFC web

Source: KFC web

KFC designing their food menu according to consumer needs. If you want to make your brand successful, bring innovation in your product line. KFC doing the same thing recently they added “go cup “smaller snaked size portion of food in their menu. It’s specially designed according to Car Cup holder which gives you convenience in eating food and they know you love to eat in-car. It’s very innovative idea and they spent two years in designing this product.

Without colour, could your taste bud judge the flavour.

Colour of product play an important role in determining customer what they are actually used or tasted. Food companies invested handsome money on understanding role of colour on our perception of taste. By seeing the colour of food, consumer makes their mind about quality and taste before taking into mouth. Why these because without visual cues, our taste bud might get confused and not recognized the flavour in product.

New taste with new Style

Recently in Australia, KFC introduced Black Zinger Burger for a short period. The main purpose to give their consumer new taste experience. According to KFC Innovation Officer, Fritz Meyer said: “it’s a bold move and we are passionate about our burger range because our consumer loves our current core menu”. They are using vegetable carbon for black bun, mustard paste which gives them sweet taste, lettuce, crispy fillet, smoke bacon and juicy tomatoes. Together all of these flavours it gives a brand new taste from traditional Zinger Burger.

Imagine what’s feeling you gain after eating chicken piece without cracking bones

KFC added original boneless recipe in their flagship menu for those who don’t like bones in their chicken. They promoted their product with beautiful theme idea “I ate the bones”.

Lets have a look on ad

Customize your Food with unique dining experience

KFC established Australia first concept store in Sydney to meet the evolving expectations of working professionals. With antique wood design give a new look and new dining experience which allows consumer to customize their menu. They reduced their menu and bring some new ingredients such as Jalapeno sauces, corn salsa and basmati rice which will bring new flavour to them.

Source: AusFoodnews

Source: AusFoodnews

Retaining brand integrity is a big challenge

Managing organizational reputation and brand integrity is very important. If something went wrong, you need to know how to tackle the challenges across the world. KFC has also been facing some quality and health food issues. There is an allegation on them, their most poultry suppliers using high antibiotics to raise chicken. In South Africa, one branch caught in scandal of hosing down chicken on the dirty floor. When you work with franchises, it’s very difficult to manage your brand reputation.  As a responsible brand, you need to give clarification and demand sorry from them because your negligence annoyed them. KFC did the same thing.



There is a long history and inspirational stories behind any successful brand which they used to memorize and retain customer by saying that don’t go anywhere we are here since long to serve you and we know your taste, style and attitude. One thing that always comes into my mind no one can compete with KFC in their Original home Style crispy Chicken Recipe and their catchy aroma.

Why Popular brands always be in our mind ,why we never think about  local brands?Why we are so hampered if Famous brand do something wrong?Do you know why?


Muhammad Haider Tufail Paracha



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