Kellogg Company is the world’s leading of Nutritious food product and Convenience Foods Brand. The overall success of Kellogg’s product line lies in their core brands, which taste great along with being healthy also meet their social responsibility along with maintaining their superior quality. This focus has supported the company’s passion for food and people. Market expansion is a natural course of Kellogg’s to head in as the company is experiencing high sales and profits and continual success. The company has continued to growing brand, growing segment, and increasing geographies are a core of business in breakfast product. The company also continues to improve both in term of cereal and snack product.

Base on its target segment market, delving into a new product in the same category could have positive results in the company’s push for market growth. Cereal product is remaining familiar with growing segments of Australia consumer. Gluten free is a first step toward for growing brand, which keeps customer interest and experience.

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New product

In 2016, Kellogg’s have created a gluten-free version for its Corn Flakes and special K cereal in Australia. The product launch was a response to growing demand from consumer with disease and gluten intolerance.Kellogg’s Australia Marketing Manager said, “We continue to see a growing a number of consumers with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. A new food trends emerge, the demand for gluten-free product still remains. Research conducted with current consumers of gluten-free cereals also showed there was a gap in the market for products that can deliver a great taste experience that’s consistent with products containing gluten”.


The good thing about gluten- free Corn flakes and special K Product are taste and crunch similar to the original classic. The Kellogg’s Cornflakes Gluten Free product is made with 91 percent corn and is low in fat. The product also provides a good source of six essential vitamins including floated. Special K Gluten Free product is made from 85 percent brown rice and contains a source of iron and zinc. The products are available in 330g packs located in the health and cereal aisles at Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets across Australia. It has a price of AUD$3.99, and Special K Gluten Free has a price of AUD$5.99.


Kellogg’s Brand

The Kellogg’s brand installed more than 100 years ago in America. The brand proudly presents its product in nutrition, health, and quality breakfast. Now Kellogg’s expanded its product over 180 countries across the world.

Kellogg's logoLOGO: Brand’s logo is the significant part of its product. The logo captures attention with red color and The Kellogg’s signature. It simply represents the name of the company; it is easy to remember and read, which to encourage a level of trust and familiarity in the consumer.

Kellogg’s current product line

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Kellogg’s brand has established a loyal customer base through its “core consumer” as part of company growth strategy; The Kellogg’s brand has been consistently synonymous with offering cereal and nutrition food product. This has certainly been their competitive advantage and differentiation factor in a cut- throat food landscape. The present distribution channels that Kellogg’s are engaged are supermarkets and independent supermarkets with their currently product line. Kellogg’s have been so successful in doing that they have maintained their high-margin approach from a pricing evaluation.

by: Auchara, ID:215381898


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