How Royal Enfield changed in time

Obsession with bikes is something that all men have, a company formed in 1909 surprising the world of motor cycles with a 2 ¼ hp v twin Motosacoche engine of Swiss origin, Royal Enfield made their mark in the two wheeler auto mobile industry. Today Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle company in the world to have a continuous production. Royal Enfield bikes are exported from its mother plant in India to United Kingdom, Germany, United States and Australia.

Brand Name earned with time:

Trademark (Brand) obsesses the consumer’s attention, attracts them and in case of customer’s satisfaction ensures their loyalty. (SETURI, n.d.). For any brand its brand name is build over time with a very strong communication with the customers as for Royal Enfield this is being done for over a century and the very name Royal Enfield Bullet have stood for reliability and trust in the hearts of its customers since the very beginning. Unlike the more premium motor cycle brands like Harley Davidson and Indian Royal Enfield Bullet has a very niche market mainly in India, United Kingdom and Australia, but the obsession of the customers with this wonderful motorcycle is not so small. As a part of brand promotion the company sponsors and support long distance rides and conducts events.

The Importance of the Logo:

The logo is a graphical tool of communication through which an organization defines and expresses its identity and image, so it plays a major role in its promotion strategy. (Ion, 2011). The Royal Enfield logo was an attractive pice  of work from the company’s early days and it still continuous to attract and communicate with the customers about what the company stands for,  the logos have changed over the time. In the early 90’s the company adopted a logo which showed a graphical representation of a cannon gun and under this logo the slogan “made like a gun” was inscribed. The very logo and slogan was all that the company wanted to show to the customers to communicate that their bikes are made with ultimate precision like making a gun. The logo have transformed over time to adapt to the various changes is automotive market depending upon the taste and preference of the customers.



new logo


old logo

What does the branding of Royal Enfield say? 

Every motor bike under the brand name Royal Enfield communicates the quality and trust worthiness of the company Royal Enfield this helps the customers in better decision making, since the company has a reputation of its own so the customers need not think twice about the quality of the bikes which are offered by the Royal Enfield Company. The Royal Enfield has got a huge number of loyal customers throw out its operation from the late 90’s to date, they have customers from various age bars from young customers to old customers who loved the Enfield bikes throughout their life. The Royal Enfield brand is associated mainly with two aspects quality and reliability. If a customer of Enfield is asked about two key aspects of the Enfield bikes the answer would be quality and reliability.

It all comes under RE:

Each and every bikes which rolls out of the Enfield factory is given the same brand name Royal Enfield Bullet. The company follows the umbrella approach as when they launch a new bike or a new model the message is easily communicated to the customers as they are already aware with the Royal Enfield brand and it helps the company to reduce the promotion cost to a great extent, and also helps with a brand association for the new product.


1)SETURI, M. (n.d.). Brand Success Evaluation.: Deakin University Library Search. [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Apr. 2016].

2) Ion, A. (2011). Evolution of Logo Graphics in the Organizational Identity. Vol. 6 Issue 1(18433766), p.p5.


Deepak Sabu



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