Health life with Herbalife

Herbal life

Herbalife is an international network marketing company that was established in February 1980 by Mark Hughes. After that the company started huge growth around the world and until today they operate in more than 60 countries (Herbalife, 2015). The company produces cosmetic, nutrition, sport and diet products for different needs and preferences.


One of the most popular products among customers is nutrition cocktails for wellbeing and weight control. All products are 100% natural and tested by high-degree doctors in the laboratories around the world.


Every day overweight people’s life is filled with anguishes, feelings and fears. In the fight against overweight people go to extremes, trying as soon as possible to reduce weight and get closer to the ideal forms of the models from glossy magazines. Gruelling diets, mono-diets, the rigid frameworks and this is just a small list through what people are ready to go. But no one thinks about the harm of such actions.

The statistic is not encouraging, and shows that more than 50% of people that attempt to lose weight are dissatisfied with their success and lost money (Jitpleecheep, 2013). Nowadays, in dietetics the strong position occupied by a weight loss program based on a balanced protein food. This is why Herbalife weight control program and products are based only on nutrition and herbal ingredients, which are cheaper and healthier, including new products ‘Formula1’ and ‘Formula 3’ from Herbalife.


Primarily – efficiency!

Nutrition Institutes held the numbers of clinical trials based on Herbalife weight management program. The results showed that doctors can confidently declare high efficiency protein cocktail “Formula 1” and a mixture of soy protein and whey protein “Formula 3” in comparison to basic low-calorie diet (Herbalife, 2002). Consequently, it is proved that the Herbalife products have a distinct advantage in quality, customers trust and cost towards their competitors.


Health security

Perhaps, safety is one of the most important aspects of Herbalife program and the entire nutrition in general. The main postulate of doctors – no harm! Weight loss is a medical procedure for improving the quality of life and it should be safe. Herbalife products meet these requirements. Well-balanced composition of herbal ingredients saturates the body with proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats, which reduce cholesterol levels.


The path to ideal should be comfortable

Any diet restricts human in ingestion, thus creating an unfavourable situation for the body, that perceives hunger as stress. To prevent unpleasant feelings of hunger, the Herbalife weight management program includes in diet the cocktail mixture “Formula-1” and “Formula 3”, that are rich in protein. Protein drinks quickly satisfy hunger and provide long-term saturation of nutrients. When there is no hunger, much easier to stick to the basics of correct diet (Moscow-Pullman Daily News, 2011).

prod1-formula_1_flavoursFormula 1

herbalife-8893-829492-1-product1Formula 3

Personal approach to each individual

IT_Personal Coach del Benessere2013_BLACK_FINAL

Personal Consultant is not just the person who owns the knowledge, it is the person who knows the problem of excess weight.  Usually this person personally got rid of the hated kilograms. Consultant understands what feels an overweight client and motivates him with own success, tends to pick up individual program of training and products by Herbalife weight control program, based on the preferences of the person and his way of life. Consultant helps to understand the intricacies of the program, to effectively lose weight and successfully keep it after (The Sun 2013). That is why Herbalife control weight programs take a leadership and invite more and more participants every year. They are not just suppliers or sellers of sport meals they are professionals in diets, sport and customer’s behaviour, which add additional value for product.

Consumer audience in the millions!

Millions of people believe that Herbalife products are highly effective and worth its price (Herbalife, 2005). And it is natural. Herbalife Company always strive to improve the technology, the search for new ideas, unique developments and experience in a balanced diet accumulated more than 30 years (Herbalife, 2015). The new findings contribute to the continuous improvements of products, which must meet all modern requirements of quality, efficiency and safety.

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