A brand mark from soft drink to energy drinks. Pepsi co


Pepsi has been renowned as a famous brand for over a hundred years and has continued to be a high priority to delivering value to its customers. The growing trend among the modernized society about health has inclined the customer’s preferences over products that are caffeine free (Pride, 2008).

Pepsi conscious towards its customers has expanded its product range by incorporating DIET PEPSI in early stage, which grasps the attention of health conscious customers. Pepsi has incorporated dynamics to cope up with the changing trends of the society. Pepsi with its constant urge to seek new and innovative ways of attracting a broader base of consumers has helped it surpass the fierce competition existing within its industry.

Even though it has failed a number of times Pepsi Co stands out in the case with an incredible strategic focus. In addition to growth in their product lines Pepsi has merged with other respectable brands that have proved out to be a profitable investment for the company (Wind, 2008). The sales have seen an increment, because it is utilizing the mode of technology to showcase its brand by collaborating with yahoo to develop its own website called PepsiStuff.com. which made increase in the sales.The close alliance with the sports giants likes Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball and The National Football.pepsi_bank_beverage_brand_6_1920x1080

                                       The companies caption “drink Pepsi refresh your world”


Today’s world is fast moving and wherein only a strong marketing strategy holder will lead the heart of its customers. Pepsi Co has embraced the potential of the empowered customers and has gone on record for the most successful product launches of its beverages over the history (Weber, Story and Harnack, 2006). Pepsi follows the winning proposition where its product has been priced from high to low falling accordingly with the quantity. The reasonability makes it affordable and offers make it appealable to the masses.

Having a tough competition with other brands like Coca-Cola, it becomes imperative for the company to provide a superseded advantage by offering something unique. With its strong team lead by young professional and creative marketer has been able to establish a sound base to attract its customers (Doyle, 2009).

Pepsi has finally edged ahead of Coca-Cola in satisfying their customers by meeting their needs and engaging themselves in aggressive promotional activities that capture the mind of customers.


Pepsi has always been a spontaneous brand, which has been effective in, pioneering the latest phenomena through expansions abroad. They have been among the first to manufacture product in the Soviet Union. Since then there has been a continued urge to expand and a lot of investment is made by the brand to meet the demands overseas.

With the acknowledgment of the cultures and customs of people it serves best along with their continued commitment of management that would help company effectively compete with major brands successfully (Malhotra, 2008). The exposure from the international expansion has enabled Pepsi to form an image, which it has been craving for years as “Optimistic catalyst” that promotes a positive change within them.PepsiCo-product-line

New product

The company Pepsi co had launched many new products in accordance to the trend, they have introduced the juices, and energy drinks.

The product Gatorade is a energy drink which is absolutely a new trend setter in the coming the phase and also they have made ensure that it has no elements containing harmful for body and also now a days the old age people are easily attacked by diabetics so, the company has take in measure of the point and making separate flavors for them eg: sugarless drinks, etc. the company do have various products also.

The company has taken an initiative of influencing the new product by its marketing strategy of sponsoring the sports events like cricket, football etc. (use of stp)

They put the celebrities as the brand ambassador for the product which would influence the people. They are always committed in designing a new product at the required time. The existing brand value of Pepsi adds some more value to this new product as every product of Pepsi got great acceptance across the world.

by : Anuroop Kacham (215229397)


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