Facebook has a new product?



From the recent keynote speech by Mark Zuckerberg at the F8 conference, Mark clearly explains what’s their approach for their products and to whom they cater these products to. The F8 showcased Facebook’s roadmap for the next 10 years. From basic messaging and social media application to Artificial Intelligence (AI). *wouldn’t we all love to watch a terminator break hell on earth*.


Facebook apps family

ChartOfTheDay_1516_Website_use_during_work_hours_nReplying to texts usually takes only a split second. People tend to reply to texts, or shop on-line during work hours. This is something I’ve seen happen, but not me (*cough* *devious innocent smile*). Now this could and probably has created issues and costed jobs.

So the best option is to be a workaholic. NO!
Mark Zuckerberg to the rescue. Facebook over the past year have been developing a Facebook ecosystem for your workplace. Name penned as Facebook at work.
According to the official site’s video, its fairly obvious that both versions of Facebook will be similar. It’s only the community in which the posts and such are displayed will vary. This creates a much more safer system, wherein every team member will be included in the conversation and quite frankly a new positive work life balance will be created.



The reason for this approach has multiple benefits. With mostly pertaining to freedom of speech, freedom at work, proper communication with every member, quick and easy access to previous messages, etc. Thus a definite boost over email and its blunders.
Its very obvious that Facebook makes its money with investors and from its advertisement. The algorithm adopted which targets advertisement to it’s consumers according to the likes and interests of each customer has helped firm reach out their marketing grasps to a much more focused group as intended. And better yet, the fact that statistics and other data are collected make businesses market with much ease. Firms like IJM Crop Berhad and RBS banks have implemented this and the results for a non compulsory product showed high results.

The Facebook at work is yet to see advertisements. The likes of this service was not entirely showcased at the F8 convention. Yes before you call me to be naïve or blind, a question to ponder upon. Why go through so much trouble to obtain an app for every industry when you can use just one to do multiple interactions?

But I do see two areas Facebook might feel cornered. Firstly Facebook should be able to convince users to get something more valuable than the other competitors. And on the other hand convince businesses to give access to their most private information. Sharing your favourite pictures and funny cat videos is one thing, but will people be ready to share which company you want to acquire next or who is making the numbers and sales?
The overall goal of Facebook at Work is to improve workflow, increase productivity and decrease dependence on email.

Facebook’s major selling point is familiarity

Facebook_popularityThe brand that Facebook was able to create in a matter of a decade and reach out to a billion customers has shocked the world. No brand has reached its popularity and returned turnovers to such an extent in such a short span of time. Facebook is not trying to sell its product, better yet they are trying to simplify their core outcome- connectivity.

This service has been mentioned to come with premium (paid) versions that will help business a lot deal greater (analytics). Competition from Microsoft’s Yammer, LinkenIn and others are clear. But the upside, none of these services have connected over a billion consumers.

Each platform, app and ecosystems are being more integrated with each other and with the consumer. Its only a matter of time that will showcase the magnitude that Facebook will uncover.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg at F8 2016 convention <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouE6qyTc-l0&gt;



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