Nowadays major brands have a huge influence on consumers due to their world known name, logo and reputation(Guo 2013). Although, buyers still fall under the impact of others, not such notable brands. Companies all around the world invest millions of dollars into branding. It is a long-term investment. Even companies that are already known for decades continue to launch new products and expand the product line to deter consumers and justify their dedication.


Hence, it is very hard for new companies to launch and find their target audience.  Today I will talk about young UK Company Laurelle Parfums and their way of promotion in Australia.


Laurelle Parfums is only six years old and last few years brands popularity has extremely grown in Great Britain, so Company decided to expand its boundaries and start trading in other countries (Laurelle London 2015). Laurell’s choice fell on Australia, which is not surprising due to the economic situation of the country and a high level of life of citizens.  I am sure that lots of you have seen booths in the middle of shopping centers with logos of the Сompany, advertising stands and the lively atmosphere around the products.


From the name of the Company is clear that its main products are perfumes. Laurelle Parfums offer a huge range of fragrances for men and women, with a beautiful packaging and bottles design. But is it enough to become successful considering the current level of competition in the perfume market and the number of famous branded scents? Probably, no.


3The company did not stop on a beautiful packaging and enticing aroma, but have chosen a risky campaign. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign Laurelle Parfums spends money on a consumer.

To increase the popularity of the brand and its products every few months  Company launches new fragrances and give them away for special occasions. Hard to believe? I will explain you how it works. For example, now is coming the celebration of Mother’s Day for which Laurelle has created a special perfume called “Together Forever ”.


Purchasing this fragrance, which is poured into a beautiful bottle in the shape of two hearts, buyer receives a gift of four other fragrances for free. Even more, shop assistant can make any combination for consumer, including not only women fragrances, but cologne for men as well. How awesome this deal sounds?


Promotions have great influence on the consumer decision (Iacobucci 2014). Once when I was doing my shopping in Melbourne Central and looking for a present for my partner on a Valentine’s Day I just could not resist and grab the whole set that was specially created for this day.


Of course, the competition is great. But even for such picky customer as I the offer was too tempting. Firstly, the fact that all fragrances are delivered from UK says about the quality of the product and makes customer decision making easier. Secondly, in such shops as Myer or Chemist Warehouse even on a Boxing Day, if you would purchase one fragrance shop would not offer you four bottles of Channel perfume for free as a part of the promotion. Thirdly, the argument that it is a well-known brand in London gives a status symbol.


Ihtiyar and Ahmad (2015) state that company’s communication skills and reliability of the services that they provide are directly related with the customer satisfaction. Talking about Laurelle Parfums, they propose not only free gifts for special occasions along with new products every few months. But they give promise, the message to consumers which shows their loyalty and tells that they are always near with the best promotions and the most qualitative service. Hence, even if with the laps of time Laurelle would stop giving their perfumes away consumer would be already familiar with the brand and its high-qualitative products through their previous communications and know that they can trust brand and buy it even without a hot promotion.


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