The successful factors of Nike.

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Nike is a global leading sport brand and it was ranked in 18th place among the most valuable brands around the world (Badenhausen 2015). It mainly depends on its excellent products and wise marketing strategies, almost everybody is attracted by Nike’s product in the marketing mix so that this brand would be easy to build good brand awareness, perceptions and association in the mind of customers. This blog will argue the successful factors of Nike in terms of brand personalities, marketing positioning, and the form of promotion.

Brand personalities:

The logo of Nike is formed by two simple curved lines, which is called as the ‘Swoosh’. At the fundamental level, the word ‘swoosh’ has the implied meaning of motion and speed, and it represents limitless vitality and passion for sports. Moreover, the word ‘Swoosh’ is an onomatopoeia. You would feel that Jordan is flying over you to a spectacular dunk or you would remember that Beckham scored a goal by his trademark free-kick in the world cup. It strongly associated with the brand personalities. On the other hand, in Greek mythology, ‘Nike’ is the Winged Goddess of Victory, it stands for victory, flight and speed. As a result, the combination of the meaningful brand name, symbol and design definitely highlight the Specific brand information of Nike, and it puts up a distinct personality, which is helpful to capture customers’ Holistic perceptions so that it would better create a distinct impression and differentiate its products from other competitors.


The marketing positioning of Nike:

According to the research, the customer’s brand perception usually affects their purchasing decision in sporting products industry. However Nike has always been able to meet consumers’ expectation and sportive fantasy which is received by professional athletes. Hence, the Nike’s positioning statement is that “For sportsman, Nike provides confidence that offers the wonderful sneaker for each sporting events”. So, its sporting products have become necessary equipment to create the feeling of ‘Just Do It’ and complete individual sportive dream. Also, the sport kit of Nike and Apple IPod has created better running experience and changed the way people run for customers. Moreover, Nike has built a strong position for improving athletic passion, especially targeting the world’s youth population. For example, the company has continuously used various sport stars as its brand spokesman to appear to youth population, most of young people purchase Nike’s product with intense personality cult. Furthermore, Nike is generally positioned as a price premium of brand, the products usually are well-designed and more costly, and it is basically designed and used for athletic events, it is deemed to be professional and comfortable for the athletes so that it is perceived as high-end product by the consumers, especially some sports shoes, which is known as high-tech products. Meanwhile, the products reflect social position of people. The price is suitable for the people of the middle and upper middle class. It is a fact the most of teenagers prefer to wear the Nike sneakers to become coolest one of all.

The form of promotion:

Nike tend to induce the consumers with a marketing strategy focusing on a wonderful brand image by the distinctive advertising. It has engaged in the cultural phenomenon with the most watched sport events around the world, such as NBA and NFL. Moreover, the advertising of Nike is one of the most effective emotional advertising examples in the business field. You could find that some classic story about the heroism in the Nike’s advertisings.  As an emotional marketing advertising, it focuses on an internal foe – our laziness. The emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell shows that Nike is really good at using emotional marketing advertising to build consumer loyalty, so long as there are a clearly identified hero and a clearly identified enemy, and then the emotional branding is able to begin. Although it is abstract, but more meaningful for the customers. Learn more about Nike’s emotional advertising in these websites:

To summary, it is self-evident that Nike created positive brand personality and brand association. Nike’s marketing strategy is accepted that is an important part of the brand success. At the same time, the exercise has become a perfect experience by Nike’s products and marketing strategies.



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