A Brand is a communication method which creates a pathway to a product to get an easy recognition from the customers. It is more than a name or symbol. (Lisa Buyer, the buyer group)

Brand is an intangible asset and creates an emotional bond with the customers. (Heidi Cohen, Riverside marketing strategies)

Nike was previously known as Blue Ribbon Sports (RBS) and founded in 1964 in America. Any brand across the world has their own name or logo for easy recognition but according to me any brand which justified the definition of brand having logo or tagline is Nike. The logo and the tag line “Just Do It” always remain in the people and especially in the athletes.

nike symbol


Brand Image:

Nike got recognition through its logo which is now popular across the world. The main products of Nike are shoes of both casual and sports, hoodies, caps and many other accessories of sports like socks, apparels and bags. These the core products and value added services which are provided by the company are the main assets like Nike water bottles, bands and warranty for the shoes. To maintain the brand image, Nike was engaged in many promotional events like sponsoring to major cricket, football and tennis events.

                                           “For many athletes Nike is like a uniform”

The company and its product got major impact by showcasing the top stars of different sports wearing the Nike apparels in the games and it created an impact in the people in a way that Nike is perfect and comfortable in sportswear.

sachin federer

Customer benefits from brand:

  • As Nike is an expensive brand which is worth and comfortable to sportsmen. Not only to the sportsmen but also to common people who uses as a daily wear.
  • It gives people a brand loyalty in the public.
  • Wide range of varieties in all products like sports shoes, casual shoes, sportswear and night wear.

nike products

Benefits to company from brand:

  • The brand is publicized through sports which grabs the attention from most of the people. As most of the people are sports lovers.
  • The marketing strategies are prefect as the core products are good and value added services are attractive.
  • Wide range of stores and availability of the product is the big asset as the product doesn’t speak but the brand logo does for it.
  • It has been a home brand for all sports players and sports lovers.

nike sports


New product:

The sports culture is mainly focused in women fitness and that helps the country. (Mark Parker, CEO and President of NIKE)

The company has launched a new product called NIKE + training club, it is a mobile application which shows the fitness classes, fitness range, exercises according to different sport, capabilities and caliber, training modules and all sot of fitness mantras which acts like an inspiration and aspiration to women to succeed in their game.

nike mobile

Initially the company has tested this concept through various surveys and applied proper marketing strategies and released in a grand manner. After the launch of the application the total downloads from women are 9 billion which was a successful mark in the initial stages.

Not only launching a product but every company should think big to get the product easily into the customers, Nike was successful in that part as they released the product with 27 world’s top athletes and all of them were women.



According to me this is a perfect launch of a product which was directly taken into the targeted market easily. “The STP module was executed in a right manner as they segmented men and women separately, targeted only women and the product was positioned in such a manner that it grabs all the attention of women”. Because every female mostly cares about their fitness and “it is a way for women empowerment as well where there is an equal importance given to CSR factors also”.

Here is the advertisement video of how to use the application:

Finally according to the CEO of the company the revenue is going to be double by 2017 and also increases the brand values to much more heights.

By  Sarath Sanka: 215182704









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