[Apple’s] branding maybe is stronger but our product is better-HUAWEI



As the third largest smartphone brand in the world, around one third of the world’ population choose Huawei’s products. They have launched their products in over 170 countries and have served 45 of the world’s top 50 telecom operators(The report of Ghana, 2104).  In their recent exclusive launch event in London, Huawei Consumer Business Group brought about the much anticipated Huawei P9 and P9 Plus, which received overwhelming attraction from the public. By collaborating with Leica, the dual-lens P9 sets a new standard in smartphone photography. The P9 is Huawei’s stab at the title and sees the firm team up with photography legend Leica to create what it’s calling “the ultimate camera-phone”(Stevenson,2016).

Why does HUAWEI improve their products?

  • Building consumers’ trust in the Chinese brand

In the US, Huawei has faced some controversial issues regarding their security system because the company alleged that they would connect to the Chinese government. However, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, has announced that “no influence” on the consumer part of the business. So since four years ago, the company has transformed from targeting in local consumers to worldwide customers by building R&D centers in London and Paris, where they have the best talent in design and fashion. And now around 70 per cent of Huawei’s revenue is coming from outside China. This suggests that the company is certainly taking effective measures in building its brand. Yu acknowledges that it will take a long time to build brand awareness but an increased market share in parts of Europe is a good result of it.


  • Bringing its innovative image to the world

Huawei and Leica have announced their long- term technology partnership for the reinvention of smartphone photography. The company’s new product, P9 is released this year. I am really surprised by this innovative smartphone because of its dual-camera system. Both cameras have 12-megapixel sensors, which enable consumers to enjoy more advanced features and qualities of photography — one is an red, green and blue (RGB) sensor, while the other is black and white. The company claims that when these two cameras work in tandem, they will bring more light to our photos, and offer better contrast.




➢ Satisfying consumers is paramount

We have to admit that taking selfies, photos of pets and sweeping panoramic shots have emerged in our lives. It seems that we can use the cameras stuck to our smartphones everyday and that has become a main feature of phones, which can satisfy people’s need in capturing beautiful moments in their lives. Chinese tech firm Huawei hopes it can provide customers a phone based on the imaging prowess of its newest toy, the P9, which sports two cameras and the prestigious Leica brand ( Westaway,2016).


➢ Standing out in the competitive market

Huawei is the world’s third-biggest smartphone maker, with its 8.1% of the global smartphone market share in the fourth quarter trailing Samsung’s 21% and Apple’s 19%, according to research firm IDC(Stevenson,2016). Other existing brands such as Blackberry and Sony have already taken a large part but finite customer base in this competitive telecom market. So I am really impressed about Huawei’s rapid rise to overtake those existing brands in the market.








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